Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"She's a No-Good B!"

I know I already talked about how much I loved this week's Community. But I felt like I should remind all of you, in song form. Anybody who wonders why I love Eric Christian Olsen need only watch the following clip.

Also, because Sling is awesome and there for me when YouTube is not, they have the FULL version of the song. Just more to love, baby.


Kirk said...


I loved "Pierce, you're a B." That tune just nailed the horrendo quasi-reggae that you just KNOW that dude would write.

Also, loved when Pierce tried to get out of his keyboard station but was blocked in on all sides by gear and music stands. So right on - a musician totally wrote that bit.

"Isn't 'Later' short enough as it is?"


Kirk said...

Ooooh, and also how he sings with the microphone angled downwards. That is a KING douchebag-lead-singer move.

Just perfect.

J said...

I loved this! I also totally appreciated that, after spending all that time being a relaxed surfer dude who always said "No Worries!", that his band was called Some Worries. Awesome!

Joe Reid said...

Kirk, I noticed that mic grip too. So many details to love in that episode.