Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday: Twilight: New Moon

I saw the first trailer for this debut at the MTV Movie Awards back in, what, June? It's been a while. Back then, my only real takeaway was something very much like this. I didn't realize they had cut another one (though it makes sense not to market the movie on the same trailer for six months) until I saw it run before Where the Wild Things Are (which is kind of hysterically marketing considering I can't imagine two more divergent audiences). So...well, watch it:

Now, I'm not saying it looks good. But having seen the first one and wallowed in its profound inaction and heavy sighs and infinitely delayed gratification, I can at least say that it appears things may actually happen in New Moon. Besides hilarious games of vampire baseball, I mean. It may still not be good, but I maintain that when things did happen in Twilight, I had a good time laughing at them. It stands to reason that more things happening would mean more good chances to point and laugh.

Of course, this may all be great marketing masking yet another movie where Kristen Stewart lies around and yearns for 100 minutes. But if that's the case, kudos to the trailer people. They've done it again. Of course, there's still some hilarity on display in these two and a half minutes. The "Bella, you've become an adrenaline junkie!" stuff is punctuated by Bella...lying on the ground in the forest and drowning listlessly in the sea. My pulse is already racing! And the big action climax appears to revolve around whether Cedric Diggory will or will not expose his sickly torso to the sun and subject what appears to be the College of Cardinals in Rome to the unholy sparkling of a lifetime.

But there's creepy vampire child Dakota Fanning! And Taylor Lautner, who ... well, I don't want to talk about it. Except to say that he appears to undergo the most beneficial haircut in the history of humankind. I figured, once I finally watched the first one, that now I'd end up having to watch all the others, at least on HBO, in order to get closure (I'm not saying that's not fucked up). But this trailer may have bumped New Moon up the list to "Netflix."


Kristen said...

"the unholy sparkling of a lifetime" HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


u make me laugh so

"my pulse is already racing"


Michael Parsons said...

"subject what appears to be the College of Cardinals in Rome to the unholy sparkling of a lifetime."

I dare say it could work. People respond to the shiny.