Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So remember how, like, three minutes ago it was last year? And my amazing friend Sarah Bunting was running last year's Tomato Nation Fall Contest for Donor's Choose? And how I promised any of my readers who donated would be eligible for a drawing, in which the winner would be able to program Low Res for a day? Remember how you guys totally came up large while I crapped the bed for the last 365 days? ...Yeah. Nobody feels worse about that than I do, believe me.

Lucky for me, I have kind, patient readers who are willing to settle for Plan B. Considering I can't even program a full day's Low Res for ME this month, winning donor Joslyn Hansen came up with a swell alternate suggestion. Quoth: "What I would really love now is one old-school, TWoP-style recap of Glee. I know you weren't 100% on board to begin with, but I am full-on obsessing over that show. Approaching Veronica Mars territory here, which in my case is saying A LOT. So while for sure Demian and LTG are doing a kick-ass job recapping, I literally can't read enough about this show."

She's not kidding about Demian and LTG, by the way you should be reading those as you watch throughout the season. (And Jon, I owe you for last year too; be in touch.) Anyway, I've been enjoying Glee much more lately, so I thought that was an excellent idea. So I will. In fact, I have. Check back in here tomorrow for my take on the latest Glee episode, "Vitamin D."

ALSO, have you donated to the Tomato Nation Fall Contest '09 yet? Because you should. Donors Choose is an amazing organization that lets you the donor directly fund a pre-vetted project of your choosing. Currently, on Sarah's TN-specific page (Bet Red!), there are over 600 projects you can fund, from art classes to science labs to stuff as simple as books and markers and notebooks.

Click on over to Tomato Nation if you want to learn more about her specific corner of the Donors Choose drive, or click here to jump ahead and get to donating. Currently, her readers have raised more than $56,000, and the goals get much loftier from there. I can tell you there are few things more exciting than watching that figure on the TN page tick higher and higher and know your dollars are a part of that expanding pot.

AND, even though you have no reason to believe me this time after my shameful showing last year, I'll say this: if you make a donation of $25 or more and forward me the receipt, your name will go into a hat for a drawing and the winner will get to assign me another episode to recap. Show of your choosing. (Provided I, you know, watch it.) (Which I probably do.) (I watch a lot of TV.) Again, you have no reason to believe me, but my sense of shame will be a great motivator. And I'll be upfront in telling you I won't be able to get to recapping after the new year -- shit is busy -- but you can wield it like a poker chip (theme-appropriate!) to be cashed in 2010.

So check back in tomorrow for the Glee recap. And continue checking for updates on the contest. Let's fund some classrooms!


Kristen said...

Hee hee heee, I still have your email from last year where you recognized my entry. I wondered what happened with that, but since you already program Low Resolution very well, I figured I wouldn't bug you! (Plus, it was for the kids and all). How 'bout to make up for last year you explain what "Smooth Joey Apollo" means in the fb picks title? Half your references (including that one) fly over my head (but they are still hilarious!)!

Hellcat13 said...

Holy shit, Joslyn is my HERO! Great idea.

notanillusion said...

Can it be shows that aren't on anymore? I can see you writing a good Firefly recap, or perhaps a couple of Arrested Developments... :)

Joe Reid said...

Kristen: It's from the Simpsons episode where Lisa helps Homer make football picks. The football guru on TV is "Smooth Jimmy Apollo." On rare occasions, I do like to reference "The Simpsons."

notanillusion: Absolutely! Provided I can get my hands on it via Hulu or Netflix or something, I'd totally be down for that.