Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your Sunday Morning Schmemmy Roundup

The Creative Arts Emmys were handed out last night, as always one full week before the real Emmys. Of course, with arguably one of next week's most deserving nominees getting a statue last night, "real" is relative.

You can check out the results here ... or allow me to break it down for you along my highly subjective guidelines:

The Good

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series went to Justin Timberlake for his SNL performance. I like to think it was my support for Classic Peg that put him over the top.

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series went also to SNL, this time for Tina Fey. Um. Obviously. Not that she didn't earn it for keeping us sane during the Sarah Palin occupation -- she did -- but was there any other possible outcome here?

United States of Tara took the award for Outstanding Main Titles Design. There's a strong case to be made that the True Blood credits got robbed, and I might agree, but the Tara credits are a strong entrant. I suppose you could judge for yourselves.

The Bad and/or Boring

The guest actors in Comedy were breaths of fresh air. The guest actors in drama series? ...Less so. What could be more predictable than an Oscar-winning veteran actress winning for a dark guest turn on a crime procedural, as Ellen Burstyn did for SVU? Well, that would be Michael J. Fox winning for Being Michael J. Fox on Television (or, in this case, Rescue Me).

Outstanding Choreography went to the gaudy musical number at the Oscars (and not even the cool one where Hugh Jackman didn't see The Reader!) and Tyce Diorio's overrated naked-people dance on So You Think You Can Dance. Hello, out of touch Emmys? The people have already spoken and decided Tabitha and Napoleon's "Bleeding Love" routine was the best. What the hell?


Jon said...

I think I would really like to see the entire slate of nominees for Outstanding Man Titles Design. Is it the design of the titles, or the design of the man, that we should be recognizing?

black magic woman said...

I hope Mad Men has already received an emmy for Main Titles because that's the current show whose main titles I love the most.

Jenn said...

Tyce beat Mia Michaels? Like I didn't already dislike him enough.

Kirk said...

Also cool: Joss won an award for Dr. Horrible - his first Emmy ever!

True, it was for "Short-Form Live Action Entertainment Special Class Program," which sounds like a category they invented just for him, but still... Joss Whedon! Emmy!

Joe Reid said...

Wishful thinking, Jon? On both our parts? [fixing]

Aimee said...

I totally agree about "Bleeding Love"! They were robbed! The Oscars dance was so bad I had to quit watching! I was shocked it was even nominated.