Thursday, September 17, 2009

'Round Springfield XXXIV: Sharing the Love

I've been derelict with my linkage this summer. I shall endeavor to do better in the fall. In the meantime:

The wonderful Kirk Hamilton showed me some blog love today, and I am more than happy to return the favor. Kir's blog, Murfins and Burglars, combines the "whatever strikes my fancy" nature of pop culture talk that I tend to favor here, plus he has the added benefit of talking about his own brilliant music career. Which...I don't tend to favor here as I don't have any musical talent. But other than that, we're like twins! Plus, Kirk was kind enough to partake in our highly scientific Dance poll. You'll love him, click on over.

I'm a dick for not mentioning this earlier, but Roommate Mark has spent the last two weeks counting down his 100 favorite songs of the past decade. It's an incredibly addictive read and will give you bunches of new music recommendations. I'm saving my own list for November/December, but he's given me an awful lot to think about.

Finally, in a lil' bit of self-promotion (I'm as shocked as you are), I've just been invited to start contributing to the utterly brilliant That's Important. I can say that without seeming full of myself because the lion's share of posts aren't mine. And also because it's true. Anyway, bookmark us if you haven't already!


That Bootleg Guy said...

LOVE the pic of you on That's Important, Joe. The shades hanging outside your breast pocket? The man-satchel strap across your burly chest?

Who's "Important"?

Joe's "Important"!

Joe Reid said...

Shut up.