Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh, Naomi Watts, REALLY!

Sure, it probably hurt my soul worse to see Sigourney Weaver don her Ripley wifebeater and desecrate Aliens, but at least I could tell myself Sigourney isn't getting lead roles anymore and she needs to pay her pool boy same as the rest of us. But Naomi? The International notwithstanding, girlfriend is still a viable leading lady. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Diane Selwyn would be masturbating in DISGUST if she could see this. Which she can't. Because she was the not-real one. (...Wasn't she?)


Mike said...

I think Betty Elms wasn't the real one. Betty was Diane Selwyn's dream-version of herself. In the dream, Betty isn't responsible for any of the bad things that happen to her. It's all a weird cabal with that creepy midget in the motorized wheelchair.

(There's a risk that you asked that question rhetorically. I'm taking a chance at making myself look like a big ass.)

Joe Reid said...

Not THAT big an ass.

(Yes, it was kind of a joke.)

Jon said...

I saw that ad, but assumed it was someone doing a Naomi Watts impersonation. It's so sad that it's really her