Thursday, September 03, 2009

Johnny Weir, I (Still) Love You

"I know Elvis Stojko was a big proponent for butching up men’s skating, but I have a hard time taking suggestions from a man who rocked purple pajamas in the Olympic Games and World championships. In my opinion, anyone who wants to change the actual people who are doing the figure skating can suck it."



DuchessKitty said...

Skating to Lady Gaga aside, it's almost impossible not to love Weir.
Wasn't there supposed to be a reality show about Johnny Weir's life on the skating competition road? Or about his goal to get on the 2010 Olympic team?
I feel like I read that somewhere...

momo said...

The film "Pop Star on Ice" just premiered--maybe that's what you're thinking of?

Dakki said...
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Dakki said...

Dakki said...
I cannot take anyone seriously who first does not have respect for skaters much more talented then he will ever be and who cannot tell the difference between pajamas and a martials arts gi.

This BOY needs to grow up and learn what his place in figure skating history is, and trust me it is nowhere near where his ego thinks it is.

He is discussing what song to skate to at the Olympic gala performance when he didn't even make the world team for 2009? That is not a champions way of thinking, which is why he will never be a true champion.

In five years people won't even remember his name, while in 50 years people will still be talking about Elvis.

Don't make statements your skating can't back up Johnny, it makes you look like a petulent child.

Then again, maybe you are one.

Joe Reid said...

Skating to Lady Gaga aside?

Anonymous said...

Amen Dakki...AMEN