Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The (Half) Week in TV

Big Brother (9/15)
You guys, the fact that Jessie isn't my most hated houseguest this season is kind of insane. The fact that even NATALIE isn't my most hated houseguest is almost more insane. But...LYDIA! Oh my GOD hatehatehatehate. And yet weirdly, this house had way more genuinely likeable houseguests than usual -- I'd totally hang with Laura, Michelle, Kevin, and especially Jordan and Jeff. Things are bizarrely trending upward in that regard. Anyway, GO TEAM JORDAN! WHOOOOOOO! I feel kind of guilty that Jordo's victory comes on the back of Jessie and Lydia being unfathomable pricks, but Nat laid down with dogs, almost literally, and I can't feel sorry for someone that annoying.

Greek (9/14)
It can be difficult for me to assess an episode of "Greek," because each episode find of floats into the next, unfailingly enjoyable if not groundbreaking. But this episode was pretty great, with a lot of fun to be had with the whole Gotcha showdown. The exchange between Rebecca (who I now completely love), Cappie, and Rusty ("I thought your kind couldn't come inside without being invited." "Good one.") was gold.

Gossip Girl (9/14)
A place-setter of an episode, so it was never going to blow the doors off. But I liked how certain things were clicking into place: Rufus taking a more prominent position as Serena's stepdad, Serena and a surprisingly compelling Carter Baizen ("Kings" has treated you well!), and, and while Nate might as well be on another show, I'm willing to be interested by all the Vanderbilt stuff, for now. But Blair, Chuck, Jenny, and Eric were all running in place, Dan had absolutely zero stake in anything, and Vanessa...had that awful hairstyle. This episode needed Lily badly. That being said, nothing happened to make me dread the overall plan for the season, so that's good.

True Blood (9/13)
To be completely honest, while I really loved Maryann's "mess with the bull, get the horns" end, I wasn't in love with the rest of the episode, which was pretty clearly filler around that central 10-15 minutes, and it felt like it. All in all, a fun season, and the finale did more to sell me on Sophie Ann in two minutes than the previous one did in sixty, but the most interesting elements were asbent in the finale. And Jason went Dionysian and didn't even take his SHIRT off! Tee Eff, Alan Ball?

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Amy said...

Congratulations to Jordan, I am happy she won!!