Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brief Dance Notes

Writing about the audition episodes has never been my thing, as the show never comes together, for me, until the partnering starts. But there were enough notable developments last night to warrant a series of observations:

-- Oh my GOD, I could not take screaming manchild Jarvis for one more second. I was already feeling bad about how much I hated him because it seems like he's maybe got mental/emotional...issues. And THEN I had to feel double bad after he collapsed and needed oxygen and all that. But whatever, I was happy to see him go. How awesome was Cat, though? Right up in there with the EMTs?

-- Once again, I have a hard time evaluating contemporary dancers in auditions. Once the paired dancing starts, they are almost always my favorites, but it's so hard to evaluate them just from the solos. That being said, that Sasha girl with the huge family was pretty great.

-- As for the same-sex ballroom dancers, I thought they were beautiful, and they rightly got through, and I have no idea how they did all that wearing JEANS. I'm going to try to evaluate this seperate from my annoyance at the high-handedness of places like GLAAD and AfterElton being all "Well THAT'S more like it" -- there was an ugliness to the reaction to the same-sex audition last season, no doubt, but those bitches were AWFUL and these guys were great, and I honestly think that's why they got through.

-- P.S. Love to see Pasha back, doing the choreography.

-- And finally, there was Legacy, who seemed really retro in his breakdancing. Like, he's amazing, but the breakers on this show usually incorporate more modern styles, be it popping or whatever. You can look at it two ways, of course: He's a refreshing throwback, or he's stuck in the '80s. He's sure cute, though. But he seems like he might be a dick, right? Fingers crossed I'm wrong on that.


ePastor James said...

I *completely* agree regarding the same-sex ballroomers. The ones last year may have paved the way, but they were lame and there was no substance to their routine. These guys were simultaneously sensual and strong, and thus appealing for the whole audience demographic. I can see Nigel letting at least one of the 2 through to the Top 20 if they ace it in Vegas. Hopefully. Probably the butcher (and hotter) one.

momo said...

I am very glad that the show decided to give prominence to their audition, with a couple who compete and have won in ballroom competitions, and that one of the dancers talked about what this means to folks who are gay. There was no tip-toeing around the topic. And then the judges got to appreciate their GOOD dancing, and Nigel got to acknowledge publicly that he screwed up last time, and that he will support same-sex ballroom dancers when they are good. They may not make it to the top 20, but they really were quite good, and I hope we'll see more of them in the auditions.

Vance said...

"but those bitches were AWFUL" I didn't have the heart to put it that way but I'm glad you said. (Though I did spit out laughing a little someone pass me a napkin please?)

jessica said...

I love me some SYTYCD, but I'm kind of more interested in your thoughts on Glee's outing last night. I thought it was lovely and touching, though the episode itself was ham-handed and strange.

Joe Reid said...

Haven't watched Glee yet. It's become a DVR-and-wait show, for me. Win me back, Glee!

jessica said...

Incidentally, ham-handed is THE new fetch way of combining "ham-fisted" and "heavy-handed."