Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventures in Random DVR Pausing

Gossip Girl

Oh, Penn. This is no way to promote that terrible-looking remake of The Stepfather.


Hellcat13 said...

Ooooooh...can you do one of Vanessa's hair? I PVRed GG so I can watch later - still catching up on Season 2 - but you and the Fug Girls were all atwitter about The Hairdo. Dying to know what it looked like.

Joe Reid said...

Oh, man. Not sure if I could describe it in words. Unwashed, lopsided, stringy ... nothing seems sufficient.

JA said...

First off, I think he looks adorable there. So there! There is no winning this battle with me, Joe!

And secondly, I caught about two minutes of GG last night because D makes me record it so there it was when I turned on the TV, staring at me and annoying me, and D came in the room and shrieked, "Oh my God what is wrong with her hair?" so I totally know what you guys are talking about in that regard, even though knowing that makes me feel a little icky inside.

Joe Reid said...

You poor thing. I hope you were able to survive your brush with TV that's beneath you.

JA said...

Oh yes, I am such a snob. You caught me!

Sarah said...

I am totally biting this feature for TN. "Sorry"!

-- Boss