Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Week in TV

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Nurse Jackie (7/6)
This show and True Blood are engaged in a fierce battle for the best of the summer. Either way, I win, because I am just crazy in love with this show. This week's episode was especially funny, and the canvass of characters continues to get deeper, funnier, and more relaxed. Top to bottom, that cast is brill, and this week we got some extra special awesome Anna Deveare Smith action. I just feel like, despite the hospital setting, and despite the "self-destructive, flawed hero" archetype, we're getting characters and stories here we're not getting on the rest of TV.

Weeds (7/6)
My friend and former TWoP colleague Stephen Falk wrote this week's episode, so I don't blame you if you take my objectivity here with a grain of salt, but: best episode of the season thus far. The characters just felt more human than they have all season, and for the first time in a while I remembered why I like them all so much. Even with Nancy making all the wrong choices again. Even with Shane acting like a little shit some more. That Nancy/Andy scene near the end was an emotional watershed, for real. All that, plus some awesome Isabelle action, and Celia got some upper hand back ("selfish, pregnant cunt..."). Well done, Stee!

The Young & the Restless (7/6)
I told you guys I was getting hooked. But seriously, shit went OFF today. Undead sons! Strokes! Faked suicides! Shirtless Billy! Billy sadly shirted but punching out his suddenly-not-brother! And this wasn't even an episode with Mary Jane the crazy stuffed-cat-talking-to lady who is actually Patty. And Sheriff Lamb from Veronica Mars going all Tom Ripley on Poor Gay Rafe! And don't even get me started on stupid fucking Sharon. But back to today's events: Look, I know Cane has lied for months and months (years) and caused no small amount of heartache and betrayal ... but just look at him! Lily's a moron if she lets that go.

Hung (7/5)
Caught the rerun on Sunday. It was okay. Didn't really move me, beyond one great, unhinged Anne Heche scene. I'll probs give it another episode to prove itself, but I'm not sure how much of a leash. Given the unexpectedly rich summer output, I can't keep up with shows I kinda don't care about.

The Real World (7/1)
Okay, Joey's a douche and looks for trouble and is someone I would probably not like in person either ... but Aaaaiiiyyyeeeaaa or whoever is just awful. The kind of person who accepts an apology like she's picking up a hundred pound weight, then proceeds to keep talking about why you should have apologized for a half hour. Also, they're really laying it on thick with foreshadowing Rihanna's eventual boyfriend cheating. Clearly, it's gonna happen. And if it's with CJ, it shouldn't even count. Her boyfriend would fuck CJ too. Also, 2 eps down and Derek doesn't seem crazy or an asshole. Promising!

NYC Prep (6/30)
Don't hurt me or anything, but I kind of like P.C. YOU shut up! He's completely in on what a total fucking setup the show is (i.e. the only reason it's there is to make us hate these kids), and he plays into it so hard I can't help but like him. He IS Chuck Bass. Those two insipid girls going after Mophead the Pubescent Sex Bomb are beneath contempt just for being both pathetic AND boring, and Jessie is interesting but awful, so it's P.C. or bust with me.


Mike said...

Not that I'm prurient or anything, but the show's called "Hung" -- and they gave us nothing in that pilot to corroborate that. They didn't save the Bionic Man's bionic superpowers for a later episode; they showed that shit up-front.

Karen said...

Never having been a daytime soap watcher, it has surprised me how much I love Y&R. I started watching about 3 years ago when I'd go home for lunch. Now I DVR that shit so I don't miss anything.

And is it wrong that I wanted Cane and Billy to have a shirtless fist fight yesterday? I mean, they were at a pool party so it could've worked . . . .

Joe Reid said...

Mike: Well put. Though they seem to be treating Thomas Jane's member likethe show's Rosebud. All due irony is noted.

Karen: At this point, I don't think hoping for Cane and Billy to have a shirtless tax-accounting seminar is out of the question

T-Square said...

LOVING Nurse Jackie over here - I tried explaining it to someone with the friend who I watch it with every week, and we ended up settling on "well, it's vaguely like Dexter," which was met with sort of: oh, well, that's boring, because Dexter's on television. It's so much more amazing than that in so many intricate ways. I think Nurse Jackie is poised to be one of the most underappreciated ensemble casts of the year and True Blood being one of the most accurately appreciated - and by that, I mean A LOT.

As for Hung, I'm having trouble getting past the fact that basically everyone facing that situation ("wah, I'm a straight guy with an enormous dick and no career!") turns to gay porn. It's like a big, much-less-homoerotic-than-it-sounds circle jerk.