Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Trailer Tournament, Round 2: They Will Hold

Low Res presents a 64-team NCAA-style bracket tournament to choose the best trailer of the past decade. At the end of each post, YOU make the call: which was the more effective trailer? Not the best movie, exactly, but the best two-and-a-half minutes that made you want to see said movie. You can take a look at the full bracket here, and you can catch up on the entire tournament so far here. Enjoy!

[On a formatting note: I've tried to both embed the trailers (where possible) and link to the trailers someplace where I know they won't be pulled. If there's no embed, blame YouTube. Just click the link on the movie's title and you'll get it.]


2. LOTR: The Two Towers (2002)
Once again, we encounter Clint Mansell, whose Requiem for a Dream piece "Lux Aeterna" was fleshed out into this rousing, oft-repurposed orchestration that practically blasted my face off for the latter half of 2002. Of the three Rings trailers, this one probably had the most anticipation going in, and it delivered the best of all of them. Note the strategic decision to reveal one fairly significant spoiler (Gandalf's alive!), which, given that 50% of the audience already knew (anyone who read the books or a casting report), probably wasn't that big of a risk. But it was crucial to allow McKellen's voiceover into the trailer -- no one sells a line like "the defenses have to hold" better.

Awesome trailer attributes: cool song/score; iconic performance


7. Spider-Man 2 (2004)
It starts off a bit like the "Devil Wears Prada" trailer with just a scene unfolding uncut, but it's a perfect lull, and once that car crashes, it's fucking on. Great intro for Dr. Octopus, great "this is where we're at now" table-setting, and an altogether thrilling announcement that Spidey's back.

Awesome trailer attributes: teaser

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notanillusion said...

I don't think it's really possible to forget how damn good those movies are, but I don't remember the trailer. If the purpose of the trailer is to make me want to see the movie, though, done. I've watched The Two Towers several times and I still want to go home and watch it again. Those movies really were just brilliantly done.

The Spider-Man trailer is good, but not Aragorn good!

Patrick said...

I couldn't vote for Lord of the Rings. Sunshine totally schooled everyone else in the use of "Lux Aeterna", and this suffers a bit by comparison. And the car coming through the window is really just trailer gold.