Sunday, July 12, 2009

Low Res Trailer Tournament: Round 2 Roundup

Round 3 kicks off on Monday, but with the Sweet Sixteen now upon us, the bracket is starting to shape up on interesting ways. For one thing, the entire left side of the bracket -- the Blair Witch and Gummo regions -- have been decimated. Both #1 seeds eliminated, #13 seeds Garden State and 28 Days Later playing dark horse, and I would not be surprised to see either of them make the finals.

Meanwhile, the righthand side -- the Suspiria and Independence Day regions -- looks like Murderer's Row. Cloverfield, Kill Bill, The Strangers, The Royal Tenenbaums. And the heavyweights start clashing this week.

On to the Round 2 stats:

Biggest Blowout: In a somewhat surprising result, Little Children kicked the living shit out of Match Point. People either really like that train or really want to have sex with Patrick Wilson. Both, probably.

Closest Matchup: I Heart Huckabees hung on by the tips of its existential fingers to best Jarhead 50-49, and up until the last day, The Hours and The Rules of Attraction were 50-50 (The Hours prevailed).

Biggest Upset: Far and away it was Garden State, seeded 13th, taking out Marie Antoinette, which had looked like a threat to make the Final Four. Beware the Zach Braff contingent, y'all. He's coming to get you and your trailers too.

Tightest Region: The Gummo region saw its four teams advance with no more than 52% of the vote.

Best Region: The Suspiria region, which saw its four teams blow out the competition en route to a pair of killer matchups: Tenenbaums vs. Eternal Sunshine and Children of Men vs. The Strangers.

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