Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Low Res Double-Oh Trailer Tournament: Round 1 Roundup

There are still a handful of polls still open, but since I want to kick off Round 2 later today, I figure I'll set the table and see where we are thus far. (And I want to thank everyone for participating and encourage everyone to hit up the comments on these polls and explain your choices. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES! Heh.)

Biggest Blowout: Right now it's 5th seed Marie Antoinette blowing The Door in the Floor out of the water, 85%-14%. But in a yet-to-be-closed poll, Sin City is on pace to beat Identity even worse than that.

Closest Matchup: A History of Violence was leading Sunshine all week, but on the last day of open voting, Sunshine was able to close the gap and pull ahead, 50-49, juuust before polls closed. It was kind of geekily thrilling. FYI, the same thing is happening with the Adaptation-Donnie Darko matchup (they're both 8th seed/9th seed matchups, so it's no surprise they're close), so get to voting if you haven't already!

Biggest Upset: It hasn't closed yet (VOTE NOW), but if 14th seeded Panic Room holds on to beat (the totally superior, not that I'm bitter) 3 seed Shortbus, that'll be the upset of the tournament. We've also seen two 12 seeds (Dodgeball, Hot Fuzz) and two 13 seeds (28 Days Later, Garden State) advance. As I said in the comments, the tendency has been for more mainstream trailers to beat clips for lesser-seen movies (alas, poor Elephant and Inland Empire), for reasons both understandable and puzzling. But such is the beauty of a tournament like this.

Potential Dark Horses Going Forward: Lower-seeded trailers that nonetheless got huge vote totals: 7th seeds Spider-Man 2 and Casino Royale, 6th seed The Strangers, and 13th seed Garden State.

Shakiest High Seed: #1 seed Signs limped to a 54-45 victory over Hairspray, which doesn't bode well going forward.

Biggest Good-Luck Charm: While M Night Shyamalan got two out of three movies into the Round of 32 (as has, quietly, Danny Boyle, with 28 Days Later and Sunshine), the best good trailer omen has been Kirsten Dunst (I know!), who is in the second round with three clips: Eternal Sunshine..., Marie Antoinette, and Spider-Man 2. Alas, she couldn't pull Bring It On past The Lord of the Rings, but that's still pretty good.

Best Round 2 Matchup: Later today, I'll be putting up the matchup for 5th seed Mulholland Dr. and 4th seed Cloverfield. Both trailers KILLED their Round 1 competition, so look for a bloodbath in Round 2.

Looking forward to seeing the results, you guys! Keep up the voting!

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jessica said...

I'll be bitter for both of us, Joe. Shortbus had a way better trailer than Panic Room.