Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Tenniversary!

As you may have already gleaned from the Trailer Tournament, I'm starting to get into a retrospective mood now that we're a mere sixth months from the end of the decade. So in addition to the lists, ranking systems, tournaments, and however else I decide to catalog ten years worth of pop culture, I also want to commemorate the cultural events that meant something to me ten years ago.

Of course, because I don't always think of these ideas as soon as I would like, I couple tenniversaries that lie very close to my heart have already passed. But in the spirit of kicking this (hopefully semi-regular) feature off in celebratory style, here's a pair of ten-year-old milestones

FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1999: Go premieres in theatres

I have made my all-encompassing love for Go manifest many, many times on this blog. but here's where I get to brag about being an early adopter. I saw this one in the theater, and I'm pretty sure on opening weekend too. Of course, before you go thinking I'm incredibly cool, understand that my main motivation for seeing it was that Doug Liman had directed Swngers, with which I was incredibly enraptured at the time. History has born out Go as the greater accomplishment, though, and for good reason. Need I remind you via a short series of photographs?

Okay, there are more reasons to love Go than Timothy Olyphant's sexy drug dealer. More, but not necessarily better. There's also, of course, a incredibly likeable Katie Holmes performance:

There she is, making the "You shouldn't do this, Ronna" face. Would that one of Katie's friends had made that face and told her something similar back when she got a certain marriage proposal. Of course, that argument didn't exactly go far with Ronna either, so ...

Elsewhere in 1999:

FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1999: Daytime Emmy Awards

It was bizarre happenstance that I even saw this moment in the first place -- a random Friday night I was rattling around at home (judging by the date, likely moving my stuff back home after freshman year); I was a "General Hospital" watcher at the time, so I watched, and while I didn't watch "All My Children" or have any attachment to Susan Lucci, I obviously knew the history. And when it turned out that the one time I was home to watch the Daytime Emmys was the one time she actually won? Well ... you're welcome, Susan. Watch the clip, though, and you'll know why I still remember this moment 10 years later:

Just everything that I love -- and everything that is ridiculous and indulgent -- about award shows, all at once. Looking back through ironic eyes, this moment had it all, from Shemar Moore's obnoxious preening, to Rosie O'Donnell completely losing her shit, to Lucci's speech that she clearly had rehearsed for 20 years and refined into something worthy of any daytime drama (even the way the music accompanied her was just too perfectly soapy). But watching it at the time, you just got caught up in all the hysteria. If the Daytime Emmys had one moment worthy of putting in the pop-cultural time capsule, this was it. Happy Tenniversary, Lucci!


strong like bull smart like tractor said...

Gee Joe, what is it with you and shirtless guys in Santa hats?

Joe Reid said...

I think the more pertinent question is what ISN'T with YOU and shirtless guys with Santa hats?

Jesse said...

OMG remind me to tell you about my experience with this moment.