Friday, June 19, 2009

Wisconsin's Finest

One of the perks of working at SOAPnet is that when I do things like decide to post about oh, say, The Young and the Restless on my blog, I can say my interest in it is purely FOR WORK. But just between you and me, I don't know how I've gone for so long without Jill Foster Abbott in my life. It really is true that I only started watching Y&R for work purposes, but already there's so much to love: Victor Newman's bizarre teutonic Kathleen Turner voice; Katherine Chancellor acting with her nails (tm Jesse); Mary Jane and the dead stuffed cat that she talks to; Cane and Billy Abbott's sweaty games of basketball. Not to mention the fact that, as Jeff (who I managed to rope into doing recaps, yay!) and I discussed earlier today, the whole show is centered around, like, four women all of whom are 50+ years of age. (Plus the peerless Michelle Stafford at age 43.) It's brilliant.

But far and away, my favorite part is Jess Walton's whiskey-voiced power bitch, Jill Foster Abbott. She's phenomenal. Of course, I'm still struggling to piece together the story -- and more importantly the history -- of it all. This week, this awesome lady Nina is back and town, and she's spent the whole week in Katherine's drawing room, and she and Katherine and Jill have argued nonstop about exhuming corpses, babies separated at birth, and way too many people named Phillip.

Which made it all the more amazing when I stumbled upon this clip from YouTube that originally aired twenty years ago, of the same characters in pretty much the same room, arguing about all those same Phillips. Give or take Kay's totally '80s hair and Jill's fierce funereal red, it was the exact same scene.

Oh, and P.S. as for this post's title, you may or may not know (I didn't) that Y&R is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin. Wisconsin! No wonder there are so many ... billion dollar cosmetic corporations? Okay. I always love when the soap towns are given geographic context. Pine Valley and Llanview are in Pennsylvania. Another World's Bay City was in Illinois. General Hospital's Port Charles is not to far from Buffalo, which always made me laugh when the characters would run off and escape to...Rochester. Or, like, Elmira.


JA said...

Luke and Laura escaped to my hometown of Newark! They worked at the crappy diner down the street from my fucking house! And they blew up a fucking truck outside of it for the scene that forced them to go back to Port Charles. It was awesome, we all skipped school and watched the filming happen. Ahh memories.

JA said...

Oh and my mother's favorite soap has been Y&R for 20 years so I totally knew everyone you were talking about and that made me want to kill myself.

Joe Reid said...

Well now I feel like my weekend can truly begin.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

"Y&R is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin."
Well, let's say a fictional version of Genoa City, Wisconsin. My sister-in-law would be dismayed to find out her town was not a real place:

Jessica R. said...

That clip was awesome, especially since Jess Walton was trying to do a Brenda Dickson impression. This must of have been just after she replaced her.

Jesse said...


Jill Foster Abbott is second only to Jesus in her influence on American culture!!

Thanks for TMing me!

Also, Joe, I feel like you need to learn more about all the amazing fictional products in Genoa City: "Glow by Jabot" "NVP Retreats" etc

Tom said...

I've always found it amazing that Chandler Enterprises and Buchanan Enterprises were about to co-exist so close to each other.

For some reason I always thought Port Charles was near NYC on the Long Island Sound. If it's near Buffalo, where the frick is Wyndemere?

Joe Reid said...

Floating somewhere in the middle of Lake Ontario, one assumes.