Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wimbledon, Mid-Fortnight

Once I finally figured where to find ESPN2 on the labrynthine ABC in-house television lineup, I was able to ease into Wimbledon 2009 ... which is kind of how the tournament has gotten started thus far. Nothing mind-blowing yet, but more than enough top players have survived on both sides of the draw to set up quite an exciting second week, Nadal or no Nadal. (And believe you me, I'm feeling the lack of Rafa here; that grass is just a little less green with him gone.)

You can take a peek at the draws here:

[click to make 'em all big and readable-like]

So... anything shaping up that might pose a challenge to R0ger Federer or Venus Williams? I'm unconvinced, as of yet. BUT, there does look to be a whole lot of great tennis along the way. Venus/Ivanovic, Serena/Hantuchova, and Murray/Wawrinka already look like the matches of the tournament thus far (despite Brad Gilbert's smug insistence that Murray won't lose a set -- like I was rooting against Murray hard enough). A Roddick/Hewitt quarterfinal would be a hell of a lot of fun, and while I don't think he'd win exactly, I'd love to see giant serve-machine Ivo Karlovic shoot aces at Federer in the quarters.

It's not all sunny, of course. At least not in the women's draw. I'm not seeing much in the way of an obstacle to another Williams/Williams final. And while I thought their match last year was a marked improvement over previous matchups in Grand Slams, there still wasn't the emotional intensity I'd like. But who would be more compelling in the finals? Safina? Azarenka? American upstart Melanie Oudin?

Anyway, I know tennis talk has proved popular around these parts in the past. Feel free to use the comments in these post to talk Wimbledon as the week goes on.


Fay said...

Hi! I think this is my first comment on your blog.

I have a thing against the Williamses. I don't know why. So ANY of the others would be compelling for me.

I was loving Hewitt's mini-comeback, but it looks right now like Stepanek's got him. Would love to see that Roddick match, too.

Why the Murray hate? Other than the lack of orthodonture, I kinda dig him.

Joe Reid said...


I'm actually not sure exactly when or why I acquired the Murray hate. He always had permanent brat-face, and now that Gilbert's shilling for him 24/7, it makes it real easy.

And looks like Hewitt beat the odds! I'm really loving these men's quarterfinals. That intriguing Federer/Karlovic matchup, Djokovic having a quietly stellar run so far, two former world #1s (Hewitt, Ferrero) and a former #2 (Haas), the Whole Roddick Thing, and now either Murray (who, fine, would be great for the hometown angle) or Wawrinka (who I loooove). Not bad at all!