Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday: 2012

Ah, disaster porn. We'd all like to think we're better than this most mindless of summer genres, but then the Vatican gets taken out by a giant tidal wave and BAM! Our tickets have been purchased.

If you take away the weird apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo surrounding "2012" (the MAYANS said so! how could they have been wrong?!), you end up with what appears to be a greatest hits package of "Independence Day" (Roland Emmerich really loves shots of airplanes taking off amid fiery destruction), "The Day After Tomorrow" (ditto giant waves), and "Deep Impact" (Emmerich didn't direct that one, but it looks like he's borrowing the meteors and the starting-over-with-the-best-and-the-brightest thing). I mean, it doesn't mean I won't be seeing it -- at the very least this has "Embarrassing Movie Series" written all over it -- but I'm not sure the Mayan angle is enough to make this substantially different than its predecessors.

John Cusack is kind of the perfect example -- doesn't it seem like he's already starred in one of these movies? And Amanda Peet? I thought the Dennis Quaid/Sela Ward combo in The Day After Tomorrow was the perfect middle-of-the-road disaster movie couple. They've got nothing on Cusack/Peet.

It kind of flips me out that this won't be opening until November. Was summer just too crowded? Going for that National Treasure counterprogramming angle? ...Or do they know something about the end of the world we don't? Shit, I gotta go find a Mayan.

P.S. Be sure to check back in here tomorrow for the kickoff to what I hope is a super-fun mega-feature that will kick off the Low Res End o' the Decade Six-Month List-a-Palooza. Or something similarly clever. Anyway, what better way to get things started than with a trailer...

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Deanna said...

Wait? Did a gigantic naval vessel roll over on top of the White House? I had suspended MOST of my disbelief up until that point!