Thursday, June 04, 2009

So You Think You Can Blog (Blog, Blog...): VEGAS!

Two of the best hours you'll see on TV all year, the So You Think You Can Dance Vegas callbacks was impossibly intense, and featured some amazing dancing, and perhaps the most intimidating judging panel yet: Nigel and Mary were joined by Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Lil' C, and Mia Michaels. SO AWESOME.

There's just no way I can do this season of SYTYCD justice all by myself. So I've gathered together a fearsome panel of my own to help dissect these episodes every week. Joining me will be the lovely and talented AB Chao, the equally lovely and talented Lauren S, and the even more equally lovely and talented Vance from Tapeworthy. Lets get to it, panel!

Joe: You guys! I love Tony Bellissimo from Buffalo! And it looks like I'll have to pry him from Cat Deely's cold, dead arms.

I'll also say, I appreciate how hard Mia and Lil C were on the dancers tonight. Tough love! Adam's there for the crying, but those two are hardcore.

Vance: I LOVE the Kasprzak brothers (how Do you spell them properly, I'll need to learn). And If Ryan doesn't make it, he needs to replace Tyce as a choreographer. I've seen more from him than Tyce has ever shown.

I can't believe I didn't know until recently that Debbie Allen and Phylicia "Best TV Mother EVER" Rashad were sisters. Because now I can TOTALLY see the resemblance in both facial features AND in the commanding way they speak. Both eloquently yet dramatic yet soothing.

I'm continually impressed with Philip Chbeeb and happy he's still there. Also, there was a blonde ballroom guy who looked Russian (not Maksim, though he's good too) who I thought did the hip hop really well (when they showcased a girl who did not) but I never saw him again and assumed he got cut. Anyone have any idea who I'm talking about?

I don't love Tony B. like Joe does that way but I hope he makes the Top 20. I like his verve.

Lauren: Now is when I really remember just how horrible I am at remembering names. It's like, "Girl whose grandparents watched her" and "Girl with the pointy chin." (For the record, I like both of them.)

I loved Gabby but I agree with the judges that she just didn't bring it like I thought she should during any of the choreography. Natalie getting cut, on the other hand, broke my heart. My theory is that after being singled out during practice she wigged herself out -- I agree that her routine was just average but I totally don't think it was worth cutting her so early. I'm glad they've kept Brandon around though I gather that Joe and I feel differently about him as I wished he'd been on the show last season, too...

I love the brothers. LOVE. LOOOOOOOVE. I hope they keep both of them but if the next on is any indication, they're going to be the last two boys and the judges will pick one. As much as I love mini-Gene Kelley's routine, I think Ryan (? see my above disclaimer re: names) is all-around stronger. And I agree with Vance about his choreography, which is spectacular.

Is Tony the guy who cries? I actually have kind of a crush on him even though I don't know if I would have voted for him to stay after contemporary round #2. If I'm thinking of the wrong guy, then just apply my comments to whatever his name was.

I have always both hated and loved Mia. I think she's a freaking nutjob, and I would probably wet myself in front of her. But at the same time sometimes she says what I know I'd never have the guts to say -- on the flip side, when I disagree with her I think she's a heinous bitch.

And I knew but had totally forgotten about Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen -- I am so, SO happy that Debbie is back because I think both her exclamations and her stunning dance knowledge are amazing. Last season it broke my heart when her protege made it because I knew it meant she couldn't be a judge. But she's back!

Seriously, I think I get more excited for this show each summer than maybe I should, but I don't CARE. Eeee!

Joe: I can't tell you why, but I was less invested than most people in Natalie. With her and with Brandon, I kind of feel like Mia and Lil' C: I've heard a whole lot of hype, so now they have a whole lot to live up to. It actually made me like Brandon more to see the judges acknowledge just how hyped he's been. And I just loved how Mia kept saying "I'M A CUTTER!" Hee. Don't you give her any empty steps!

Speaking of Lil' C, how about him saying "The buck stop here"?? That totally makes me want to give him a reality show just so that can be the line he says when someone is eliminated.

TOTALLY had no idea about the Debbie Allen/Phylicia Rashad connection, but it makes SO much sense now, AND it makes me love Debbie Allen all the more. Seriously, when she gave Gabby the whole "You are SO disappointing to us right now" speech, I wanted to hand her a statue right there.

Lauren, "Girl with pointy chin" was the sister of "girl with curly hair," yes? I like her too.

Vance: Yes, love Lil C. and yet he said "Buck Stops here" with no sense of irony and made it WORK. props! (in my attempt to say THAT with no sense of irony).

I think I love Natalie only because the clips from last year and this year reminded me how good she was and she really could have taken Katee's place last year (even though Katee became my favorite to win). Brandon has amazed me this year but I rewatched his clips last year and forgot what an ego he had then so I cared a little less, though you have to give it to him that none of that was shown here this year (edit? or has he truly changed?)

I'm still not sure who pointy chin girl is but I can't even get that detailed. I was like. Oh, I like that girl, or that blonde, or that brunette...

I know it'll make for great television to have both Ryan and Evan as final 2 for the final slot ... BUT PLEASE DON'T DO THAT TO ME.

Also, Alan Wong! From Vancouver! Yay Canada! (sorry, needed a nationalistic shout out!)
(I just wished you all could have watched SYTYCD Canada for Miles, Allie, Lara, Danny, Nico)

Did anybody notice the Laguna Beach girl? my sis did. though she was cut last night. apparently she was in season 3 of LB. (since I avoid those shows like the plague, i have no idea who she was talking about).

Joe: Hey, so question for you guys: what happened to all out tap-dancers? We saw Silky and Bianca get cut (that poor girl, cut in Vegas AGAIN!), but who was that cute white boy from one of the early audition cities? Might he still be around? (Peter Sabasino! That was his name!)

AB Chao: Y'all, I am on my way to Florida so typing this on my phone. See how I suffer for you and the dance? (I'm also a cutter.)

I think this is shaping up to be a great season. I am a little disappointed that there doesn't appear to be a Joshua-style dancer this year, but maybe there'll be a great reveal tonight.

Every time Debbie Allen talks, I pretend it is actually Claire Huxtable up there being disappointed. If she ever says "Let the recORD show," it will be the best day of my life.

In other news, I love Mia and Lil C in probably am unhealthy way, and I agree with everything Joe said about Natalie/Brandon.

I'm just going to go ahead and start a weekly list of Dancers Who Made Me Cry, because y'all know it's going to happen. This week's honors go to Phillip, Nibuya, and (reluctantly) Tony Bellissimo. Damn you, Tony Bellissimo!

I thought Caitlin, the girl who never stopped crying, was the curly haired girl's sister? I didn't get either of them. I do love the Kashywewski brothers, despite my intense dislike for any kind of gastro humor.

Also, can Vance please audition for the show so we can call it "So You Think You Can Vance"? Thank you.

Vance: You know, in all my time with all my love for SYTYCD... it never occurred to me about SYTYCVance... but I LIKE IT!

Oh, Peter. What DID happen to him? And the guy I was thinking of was Igor Zabrodin (the one who spun the girl in the yellow dress, but only he made it through). I saw him a few times last night but didn't see him cut, nor did I see him near the end (or not sure). Anybody see him cut?

Joe: I was looking for Igor! I loved him in auditions, but I don't recall seeing him last night. They really could have done a better job captioning the contestants -- that's like the ONE thing "American Idol" does better. They keep repeating the contestants' names until it's burned into our brains.

Lauren: Girl With the Pointy Chin wasn't one of those sisters (though that one ALSO had a pointy chin) but she had dark curly hair... I think she's the one who wore a tutu when she auditioned? I do really wish they'd do more captions for people like me.

- - - - -

So what do you say, readers? Any help with these nameless people we can't remember? Feel like eulogizing Gabby or Natalie or Silky or curly-haired sister? Comment!


Jesse said...

Wait -- Cute Tony wasn't the tapper in the tank top? Yeah, I can't keep track of who anyone is either.

(It's not weird that I think I can just join your conversation, right?)

Erica said...

Vance, I'm with you on Nico, Miles, Nico, Allie, Nico, etc. I even went to see the SYTYCD Canada tour to squee at Nico in person.

I was disappointed to see Natalie cut without any of the dance for your life stuff - that seemed unnecessarily harsh.

What happened to the "beautiful disastrous weirdo" Kelsea, from Seattle?

DuchessKitty said...

Re: Igor Zabrodin – they showed him getting cut after Tyce’s “West Side Story” choreography. So he made it all the way to the top 16 guys.
I was completely bummed about Natalie getting cut. And the way the show was edited, it seemed like other dancers who were inferior to her got 2nd and 3rd chances to prove themselves and she didn’t. Maybe they didn’t show Natalie being bad at the hip-hop or ballroom choreography? Anyway, I was seriously disappointed.

For whatever reason each season I’m more drawn to the male dancers at this point in the competition than the girls. My faves are:
Alex Wong (saw him dance with ballet in Miami last year and even though he was only in the chorus he stood out)
Philip Chbeeb - who I have loved for the past 3 seasons and if he doesn’t make it to the top 20 this time I will be PISSED. I just love him.
The Broadway Kasprzak (sp?)Brothers – I loved Evan last year and at the auditions this season Ryan bugged me, but Vegas changed my opinion – I love me some Ryan and I would rather see him go through to the top 20 than Evan. And YES x 100 to the suggestion that he take over for Tyce as the Broadway choreographer on the show. Tyce can still do contemporary I suppose, but his musical theater stuff is tired.

Liz Jury said...

FWIW, the pointy-chin girl that Lauren is thinking of is named Paris Torres. She had long, dark, curly hair and did, indeed, audition in a tutu.

Nicole T said...

I completely co-sign the whole Nico, Miles, Nico, Nico, Nico thing :) Just attended one of his dance workshops a few weeks ago. He is even more dreamy in person.
I didn't notice the girl from Laguna Beach...any more details about here or where to watch for her? I'll go back and try to rewatch.

jessica said...

But this Paris-pointy-chin-tutu person is not the same as the Naughty Ballerina, right? Because I'm pretty sure pointy-chin got cut after Broadway and I was disappointed, but when they showed the top 16 Naughty Ballerina was still there. Obviously these are two different people (NB is more of a strawberry blonde I think), but I just have no recollection of two people auditioning in tutus.

Last night's show was so good. I agree with the Natalie cut seeming harsh. Why not have her dance for her "life" like some others? (Aside: can shows stop calling it that? dance/sing/pontificate for one's life? I'm pretty sure there's not a lethal injection waiting in the wings.) I'm not upset about the cut, per se, but she was clearly so much better in Sonja's rehearsal than in the performance part and it just seemed like little miss Gabby Rojas got, like, a hundred chances to suck at choreography and she STILL saved herself with her solo. Also, curly-haired girl's sister saved herself with a solo that wasn't anywhere as good as what I remember of Natalie's original audition.

And Tony B. had me sobbing. Love him. And I love Alex Wong! What an AMAZING first solo! GAH!

Kirk said...

Word, word, a thousand times word - that was the best two hours of TV I've seen since... like... I dunno.

Wicked. Awesome.

Lauren S said...

Liz, you're totally right, Paris is definitely the pointy chin I was thinking of.