Friday, June 26, 2009

The Low Res Double-Oh Trailer Tournament: Infected

Low Res presents a 64-team NCAA-style bracket tournament to choose the best trailer of the past decade. At the end of each post, YOU make the call: which was the more effective trailer? Not the best movie, exactly, but the best two-and-a-half minutes that made you want to see said movie. You can take a look at the full bracket here, and you can catch up on the entire tournament so far here. Enjoy!

[On a formatting note: I'll be posting two matchups per post, with multiple posts each day. Remember there will be TWO polls per post in which to vote.]


7. The Village (2004)
Once again, a Shyamalan trailer that promised terrifically creepy, atmospheric terror and ultimately masked an infuriating sack of crap. But come on, this trailer was fantastic. Even now, knowing what I know, I wonder if maybe I watched it again, it would live up to this promise. Loved the list of commandments, love how in two and half minutes the color red becomes exactly the kind of evil harbinger the movie says it is, love Judy Greer hiding beneath the floorboards. God, now I'm just mad at M. Night Shyamalan again.

Awesome trailer attributes: masking crap; creep-tastic


10. The Prestige (2006)
Brilliantly structured, with a standard trailer up front and something more high-concept starting at the mid-point. Michael Caine delivers great voiceover here, and that first shot of the field of illuminated lightbulbs is pretty breathtaking.

Awesome trailer attributes: good voiceover


4. Elephant (2003)
From the second you see that barely-controlled car careening down a residential street, you're unnerved and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Add the creepily slowed down "Fur Elise" and the slow build to the Columbine-style incident at the heart of the movie and you have something truly unsettling. Does it give too much away? If it does, it's the rare trailer that pulls it off.

Awesome trailer attributes: teaser; creep-tastic; cool song/score


13. 28 Days Later (2003)
Perfect example of a great teaser, where glimpse after glimpse piles up in your mind and you end up seeing far more than you probably did. Then, in the last third, you get that tantalizing shot of Cillian Murphy alone in the middle of a deserted Picadilly Circus. Unexpectedly beautiful look at an unexpectedly beautiful (and terrifying) movie.

Awesome trailer attributes: teaser; creep-tastic; cool song/score

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