Friday, June 26, 2009

The Low Res Double-Oh Trailer Tournament: Is Tamara Home?

Low Res presents a 64-team NCAA-style bracket tournament to choose the best trailer of the past decade. At the end of each post, YOU make the call: which was the more effective trailer? Not the best movie, exactly, but the best two-and-a-half minutes that made you want to see said movie. You can take a look at the full bracket here, and you can catch up on the entire tournament so far here. Enjoy!

[On a formatting note: I'll be posting two matchups per post, with multiple posts each day. Remember there will be TWO polls per post in which to vote.]


1. Kill Bill (2003)
This would be the original teaser clip, released even before the film was split up into Volumes 1 and 2. It's an absolute knockout, instantly making "The Battle Without Honor and Humanity" an iconic piece of moving scoring and time-out music at your local sports arena. The choreography of the clips to the music might be the best I've seen in a trailer, and while "the 4th film by Quentin Tarantino" is self-aggrandizing, it's Tarantino. Would we expect any less?

Awesome trailer attributes: cool song/score; iconic performance; teaser


16. Waking Life (2001)
For a movie that's so resistant to explanation, this clip does about as good a job selling it as you could hope. It wisely opts not to dress the movie up as some kind of fluffy animated romp -- this is a dense existential post-grad-level philosophical exercise, and proud of it! Many bonus points for the Iggy pop tune.

Awesome trailer attributes: cool song/score


6. The Strangers (2008)
If you need me to tell you why, you've clearly never seen it. Click the link, press play, and remedy that immediately. The first time I saw this trailer in a movie theater, even having seen it online and knowing what was coming, I jumped and curled myself into a ball on my seat. You don't even want to know how I contorted myself during the run of the actual movie. I should also note that the entire marketing campaign for The Strangers was flawless, with other scary-as-fuck trailers, killer posters, the whole nine.

Awesome trailer attributes: great tagline; creep-tastic


11. Troy (2004)
It's amazing to think about the anticipation there was for Troy back in '04. Or was it just me who couldn't wait to see one of history's greatest stories told by the semi-clothed Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom? The movie wasn't great, of course, but the excitement stoked by this trailer sure was. The voice-over works here, conveying the mythic scope of the story; the flashes of man-slabs like Pitt and Bana certainly didn't hurt; and that pan back across the breadth of Agammemnon's fleet was awe-inspiring, even if it was clearly CGI.

Awesome trailer attributes: teaser; masking crap

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