Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Low Res Double-Oh Trailer Tournament: I Heart Trust-Fund Babies

Low Res presents a 64-team NCAA-style bracket tournament to choose the best trailer of the past decade. At the end of each post, YOU make the call: which was the more effective trailer? Not the best movie, exactly, but the best two-and-a-half minutes that made you want to see said movie. You can take a look at the full bracket here, and you can catch up on the entire tournament so far here. Enjoy!

[On a formatting note: I'll be posting two matchups per post, with multiple posts each day. Remember there will be TWO polls per post in which to vote. Also, I've tried to both embed the trailers (where possible) and link to the trailers someplace where I know they won't be pulled. If there's no embed, blame YouTube. Just click the link on the movie's title and you'll get it.]

The GUMMO Region

3. I Heart Huckabees (2004)
I think I watched this trailer once a day for about six months back in 2004. It just made me feel happy. Great comedic showcase, especially for Mark Wahlberg, Naomi Watts, and Lily Tomlin (the revelation of the volatile relationship between her and David O. Russell on set makes her performance even more remarkable) that doesn't give away the farm. Like the film it's selling, it's content to present the philosophical premise of the film without worrying you might not get it. Bonus points for the brilliant Jon Brion score and song.

Awesome trailer attributes: cool song/score; funny!


14. Series 7: The Contenders (2001)
Kind of a no-brainer to sell this movie with a fake trailer for the show-within-the-movie, and the "America's latest reality TV craze" concept seems far more dated here than it does in the film. But it's a fun, fresh alternative to the usual indie-trailer tropes.

Awesome trailer attributes: teaser


1. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
While I'm on record as loving a trailer that fools audiences into thinking they're getting something more exciting than they are, I need to give it up to the kind of trailer that tells you exactly what you're getting, particularly when what you're getting is so left of center. Wes Anderson hadn't yet become a genre unto himself in 2001, so this trailer did a great job laying out the style: the Baldwin voiceover, the music, the phenomenal cast. There's even no harm for giving away one of the movie's funniest moments (Margot's middle name) when the movie has as many great moments in reserve as Tenenbaums did.

Awesome trailer attributes:
cool song/score; great tagline; funny!


16. The Fountain (2006)
This is another one that's not really breaking new ground, but because it represents such a lush and intriguing movie, the trailer becomes something of a feast for the senses. You get a hint of everything here, the three-layered timespaces are laid out well, Hugh Jackman's career-best performance is hinted at, Clint Mansell's music is highlighted, and I could listen to Rachel Weisz tell me "Together, we will live forever" once a day, every day.

Awesome trailer attributes:
cool song/score; great tagline; iconic performance

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Carol Elaine said...

Oh, how I *heart* The Fountain. It's not even close to being a perfect movie (I call it an interesting failure), but it's so visually stunning, the premise is fascinating and well-executed and Hugh Jackman is phenomenal.