Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is This Not America?

Man, you think you know an internet. In the last few weeks, I've come across a couple songs I'm super into: one being Tim DeLaughter's theme song to United States of Tara (I believe it's called "You'll Be Fine"); the other's a song called "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap, which was used in the first 500 Days of Summer trailer, and also the season finale of Greek.

In both cases, I can't find a version to download, via iTunes or Amazon -- and in fact, in DeLaughter's case, I can't even find a full-length version on YouTube. I don't mean to sound entitled here but ... did we lose a war? I thought we had a deal, the internet and the rest of us. And that deal was: we'd destroy the record-store business by taking all our music shopping online, and in return, we would have access to every song ever recorded ever. Where is this system breaking down? Don't make me start regressing to holding my cassette recorder up to the speakers, music industry.


Joslyn H said...

I went to my standby, The Hype Machine at and think I found it, but haven't listened to see if it's the full version or not. I hear you though - I'm personally offended when things I want to be on YouTube, like the Barenaked Ladies' opening montage of covers at the 1998 MTV Video Awards, are nowhere to be found. What else is the point of the internet?!

JA said...

I haven't been able to find the soundtrack to Away We Go anywhere either! Well except for the legal places but fuck that jazz, I didn't like it that much. But still. I might want to listen to it. At some point. For free. Is what I'm saying. My point is, I agree, the internet is CRUMBLING around us.

Joe Reid said...

Yeah, I downloaded the Alexi Murdoch song nice and legal from iTunes. See? I'm willing to play by the rules, music industry!