Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Which I Continue to Hammer a Nail

To everyone who wouldn't give a damn about The Dance, I do apologize; both because I realize the blog has been terribly heavy on "So You Think You Can Dance" posts this week and also because you are depriving yourself of The Dance. But I do promise to talk about other things the second they become interesting enough to warrant my attention.

In related news, click over and read this "So You Think You Can Dance" article I wrote for NPR! The Former Roommate Linda was kind enough to give me space on Monkey See to evangelize for my favorite show of the moment. Plus, I'm already pissing off Lady Gaga fans, so that's fun!

And while we're on the subject, they've apparently announced the pairings for Season 5. AfterElton had them and were drawing some (incredibly obvious) comparisons about them, but that post has been pulled (Uncle Nigel's homophobia strikes again!). A quick check of the TWoP forums (spoilers abound there, for reals) gave me what I was looking for, though (grain-of-salt SPOILERS on the pairings and dance styles for Week 1 ahead):
Phillip & Jeanine - Lyrical Hip-Hop - Napoleon & Tabitha
Vitolio & Asuka - Broadway - Tyce
Jonathan & Karla - Cha-Cha - Tony Meredith
Evan & Randi - Jazz - Tyce
Tony & Paris - Hip-Hop - Napoleon & Tabitha
Jason & Caitlin - Bollywood
Brandon & Janette - Foxtrot - Louis Van Amstel
Kupono & Ashley - Jazz - Wade
Ade & Melissa - Contemporary - Mandy Moore
Maks & Kayla - Samba - Louis Van Amstel
Okay, right off the bat, the most interesting pairings are Evan/Randi (she really won me over with those unitards!)and Vittolio/Asuka. Kind of concerned about my boys Tony and Kupono being yokes to such (thus far) nondescript partners, but they each got a friendly genre assignment. And anyway, this time last year I had no idea I was about to fall in love with Chelsie or Gev or Mark or Josh, so who knows?

As for the choreographers, psyched to see Wade Robson back. Not as psyched to see Louis Van Amstel on the bill twice, but I guess someone had to fill in for Alex "ongoing rape investigation" Da Silva.

And on that note, WOO dance tonight!


JAM said...

I'm so glad you're out here commenting on SYTYCD -- I'm another zealot, for sure, and I love reading about the show.

One of the things I love about it is the talent level required. It's such physical, hard WORK that these people do, occasionally ridiculous costumes notwithstanding, and they LOVE it. And because they love it, I love it and am in awe of it.

And the audience of faithful is also so much fun -- generally so enthusiastic and supportive and fun. At a live SYTYCD tour performance a few seasons ago (What? LIVE, people. EEEEE!) during intermission, this little kid in the audience (he had to have been about 6 or 7, tops) started doing The Worm in the aisle, and before long, the whole arena was standing up and cheering him on while he gave a little impromptu breakdance. I may be a giant dork, but to me, that's "cool" right there.

Spot said...

Nice piece. I was evangelizing to the choir the other day (my wife), and would add that: 1) unlike AI where the refrain, "You've either got IT, or you don't," is often heard (read: you were born with it), SYTYCD's contestants got to where they're at by way of years of honest to goodness blood, sweat and tears (read: hard work); and 2) the world of dance truly is a quirky, irreverent, eclectic, beautiful and odd place inhabited by--go figure--people who are truly passionate about their art.

DuchessKitty said...

Please Joe, never stop writing/gushing about SYTYCD. Your NPR piece was great - I showed it to my dad and all of his buddies at the nursing home where he lives. They're all huge SYTYCD fans there at the old folks home; they're even having a little viewing party tonight.

I myself have watched since Season 1 and been a full-on rabid fan since Cat Deely joined as host in S2. And while I'm a wee bit concerned that the Fall season will be a let-down and too much of a good thing, right now I could seriously watch this show every night of the week.
As another commenter said on your site, I would love to watch whole episodes of the rehearsal and partner selection process. Costume fittings, hair, make-up - anything.
Can't wait for tonight!

momo said...

I make a special trip over here because of your SYTYCD posts, so I hope you don't cut back!

JAM said...

And everyone (pretty much) was so good last night -- I'd like it if we just kept everyone and had 10 new routines every time. Mandy Moore's choreography always just blows me away. Hell, so do the others. I'm sorry, I seem to be frothing at the mouth -- I'll go take care of that.