Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Five Reasons I Cannot Wait for True Blood Season 2

I honestly didn't expect to be as geeked for the return of True Blood as I am. But after re-watching some of Season 1, blogging about my all-time favorite scene, and watching HBO's little half-hour catch-up special, I am suddenly kind of ravenous for Sunday's season premiere.

I should note that the following five reasons don't include the most obvious draws: Sookie, Bill, Jason, and Tara. Those are kind of given. These next five reasons are what help elevate True Blood from good-TV to can't-miss potential obsession.

05 - Jessica: The vampire Bill was forced to sire as punishment for killing one of his own. In perfect True Blood fashion, what started out as a typically dramatic tragedy/guilt/responsibility storyline got turned delightfully on its ear when Eric and Pam "returned" Jessica to Bill's care because she was too much of an annoying brat. And now she's Bill's annoying brat.

04 - Eric: Much as I love to stare at Alexander Skarsgard -- and I do -- his Season 1 storyline didn't amount to much of anything. I mean, his languid manner of veiled threats allowed for a lot of sexually suggestive lounging around -- in bathtubs and wifebeaters and such -- but not much story. My sense is that this season gives him more to do.

03 - The Fate of Lafayette: We all saw that dead hand tumble out of the back seat of Andy Bellefleur's car in the waning moments of Season 1. Alan Ball says anyone with familiarity with the books knows that arm belongs to Lafayette. So ... is he dead? Vampiric? Some kind of weird-ass third option?

02 - Arlene: Oh, my girl Arlene. It's been an insanely great year for supporting women in dramas, so I'm not sure if she'll end up making my Emmy ballot, but Carrie Preston will damn near come close. Girl manages to be dumber than you remembered, more perceptive than she seems, and funny, funny, funny. In one of the season 2 preview clips, I saw the briefest flash of Arlene and Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) dirty dancing, which would be like an answered prayer in terms of side characters I love getting some love together.

01 - What the Eff Is Up with Maryanne?: You guys, I have no idea, but I cannot wait to find out. The malevolent way she greeted Sam at the end of last season was so intense! And then there was the weird extra-dimensional vibrating! And the giant pig! Michelle Forbes is always one of my favorite things about whatever she's in anyway. Michelle Forbes dancing around Merlotte's looking like that photo above? I can't even comprehend. Seems like she's the Big Bad (for lack of a better word) in Season 2, so I'm sure we're in for some fuck-uppedness.


Kaitlyn Gumpper said...

Wait like Pamie's friend Todd Lowe from Gilmore Girls? That's exciting! Also, I don't have hbo, so I can't watch this show, but maybe I will get it on dvd.

Joe Reid said...

Indeed, Pamie's friend Todd Lowe. Who I totally didn't recognize until someone pointed it out to me, even though I loved him on Gilmore Girls. Terry didn't get much to do in season 1, but he was great, and I'm hopeful the part will be expanded this season.

DuchessKitty said...

I'm so excited for Sunday's S2 premiere. However, I'm really worried that my beautiful Nelsan Ellis will not be returning as Lafayette. SOB!
The writers have changed some things from the books already so I keep hoping that they make Laf into some sort of supernatual creature or a ghost that gives advice to Jason Stackhouse (how cute would that be?), but I don't think it will happen - BOOoooooo

I will be happily placated with expanded story arcs for the Terry, Erik and Sam characters.

Jesse said...

MICHELLE FORBES IS A GODDESS. She was transformative as Sunni and her evil twin Solita on Guiding Light. Also, have you noticed she's weirdly on every show ever?

Jon said...

Yes! What is up with Maryann?! What is she?

I'm so panicked because the last time I saw that actress she was HELENA CAIN. And Helena Cain scared the hell outta me.

Drew said...

Good on you! Those are pretty much my top five reasons for mass excitement.