Monday, May 25, 2009

One Hamburger with AIDS

Since it was far too disgustingly humid to do anything outside yesterday, god forbid, Nathaniel came over and I caught him up on some True Blood (back on HBO for Season 2 June 14th!). I keep telling people how delightfully trashy and filthy and grimy it is, but watching the episodes again, I realized I'd been leaving out how it's also hilarious and deceptively well-acted (Rutina Wesley may struggle mightily with that bayou accent, but the girl can turn on a dime from world-weary and pissed off to childlike and hopeful). And it's chock full of great actors, down to the smallest of roles -- I really hope we get to dig into Todd Lowe's Terry Bellefleur this coming season.

Anyway, lucky me, I was able to find the following scene on YouTube, which I present to you as my single favorite scene on any TV show this season.

Now, help me decide here, what's my favorite part. Is it:

-- Lafayette removing his earrings once Arlene tells him the rednecks returned the burger because it "might have AIDS."

-- Arlene's "Oh fudge!" faux-despair that she's caused something dramatic to go down. (Seriously, Carrie Preston for all sorts of win.)

-- Lafayette licking the mayo off the redneck's AIDS-burger.

-- Lafayette wrecking holy hell like some kind of super commando trained in the art of fool-stomping.

-- Jason Stackhouse, high as you please on V, giggling like a child and snapping his fingers in approval.

I think they're all winners, don't you?


DuchessKitty said...

Definitely the removal of the earrings. But yes, you're right - it's all perfect.


one must have bullet point you forgot "tip yo waitress" -- the PERFECT punchline

Jon said...

I've never seen this show, but that scene is pretty awesome.

Speaking of things that look awesome, are you planning on watching Beautiful People on Logo?

Joe Reid said...

God, I don't know what that is either! I'm slipping.

Sara said...

Lafayette- he has the prettiest eyes.

On-topic: it's the earrings removal, definitely. I don't know, maybe because I saw the exact same thing done on a rerun of The Golden Girls the other night?

Personally, I couldn't pick a favorite Lafayette moment; I think he's the shows most interesting character.

Drew said...

Good call on Rutina Wesley... seriously, she and Adina Porter act rings around the majority of the cast, and they have by far the most powerful storyline.