Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay, We Get It: Susan Boyle

You know, Adam Lambert got a lot of crap all season on American Idol for the way the show kept promoting him, naming him the presumptive favorite from very early on, giving him the coveted "pimp spot" time and again, and reserving the "You Are Watching a Superstar Now" lighting and stagecraft only for him. All that being said, at least Idol producers managed to refrain from presenting Adam as Our Lady of Fatima:

Here's the full performance, which apparently cuts off before she touches her finger to earth and springs forth a stream whose waters will cure the sick:

p.s.: Is it me, or was this performance kind of not all that? I mean, don't tell the Boyle Brigade I said so, but given the attention this lady's been getting, it's not that awesome, right?

p.s. #2: Writing about this on SOAPnet today, I used the phrase "frumpy chanteuse" to describe Susan. My question is this: would that not make a excellent drag name? "Please welcome miss Frumpy Chanteuse!" ... No?

p.s. #3: It freaked me out enough when Betty Buckley, dressed up like a mangy but human-sized cat, promised "If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is." Susan Boyle imploring the same is ... well, I don't want to think on it anymore. Creepiest lyric ever!


Madge said...

I agree that Susan Boyle's performance wasn't that great - she started a little wobbly and off-pitch, and the entire song was emotionally flat. She's got a better-than-average voice, but she doesn't at all sound like a pro, or even sell it like a pro.

Carol Elaine said...

Okay, I loves me some Susan Boyle, but she did start out very shaky (I actually winced) and she's not very good with the lower notes. I think she was more nervous this time around - with all the press she's gotten, she had a lot more pressure on her to knock it out of the park, and that nervousness showed. I do think that with a little more seasoning she'll be fantastic, but this performance cannot be counted amongst her best.

DuchessKitty said...

I thought this Susan Boyle madness was over? People! She's not that outstanding. Really, I perform in a community choir that has dozens of non-professional singers that are much better than Susan Boyle.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the media just let that poor woman alone?
What the hell has she ever done to deserve all of this?
A poor woman enters a talent contest and they want to destroy her.
As for her making a mistake in the beginning of the song, Barbra Streisand won't even sing live and she has 40 years experience under her belt. It terrifies her.
To sing like she did, Susan has so much courage it's amazing.

Joe Reid said...

Oh, get off your high horse, Mr. (or Ms.) I'm Too Important to Reveal My Name. The media LOOOVES Susan Boyle. She's doing just fine. I am but one blogger, whose site she'll never read, making one innocent observation that the crappy show she's on backlit her so as to make her appear to be the famous apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the skies above a small town in Portugal in the early 20th Century. Let us have our fun and run along.

Carol Elaine said...

DutchessKitty, I've known my fair share of phenomenal singers (musicians and musical theater folks) and I agree that there are better singers out there. But I just love Susan Boyle. Can't put my finger on why - though, as I said above, with a little more seasoning, I think she'll be pretty phenomenal herself. I think she just let her nervousness get to her. Understandably so.

Anonymous coward - chill. There are a lot of sober karaoke singers (yes, they exist - I've seen/been them) who have the courage to get up in front of people and sing rather badly. Courage is great, but it doesn't make a singer or a performance good.

No one is trying to destroy her. Quite the contrary. And there's no shame in an honest critique of a performance meant to show a person's talent, especially one as big in the UK as this one (it's not just a talent contest). If it's a weak performance, it's a weak performance.