Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not To Keep Flogging Idol, But ...

I encourage you guys to peep the latest crop of Idolatry videos, with Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

Adam kind of annoyed me right off the bat by playing the coy game (yet AGAIN) and being so incredibly conspicuous about not saying the "g" word (and all so, what he can have this "exclusive" coming out via Rolling Stone? It's all a bit crass, for me). It was doubly frustrating because in all other aspects, he was incredibly, refreshingly honest. To the point where he basically told people who said he was "disrespecting" Johnny Cash with his "Ring of Fire" cover to suck it, AND he just might have thrown a retaliatory shot or two at Gene Simmons. Which makes the peekaboo game -- all while he continues to reap the insanely enthusiastic support of gay fans and blogs everywhere -- all the more irritating. But for the most part, he's incredibly likeable.

As for Danny, and I swear I'm not piling on, and I like to think I'm not reading too much into things, but he's either a complete liar or incredibly stupid. I give him a pass for everything to do with promoting the "dead wife" issue -- that was really never in the top 10 of things that most annoyed me about Danny. But, like, talking about how he didn't know any of the songs he performed until the week he had to perform them? Or continuing to insist that he just couldn't stop laughing after The Scream incident even though he had just admitted he was the same kind of Anoop tantrum-thrower after he didn't do well? Or changing his answer about why he sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" about halfway through? He comes across like a politician, and not a terirbly good one either.


Danny said...

Here's the thing about the Lambert/ gay issue. I can see where people think it's not helping the cause that he's being so coy about it, but in my mind the BEST thing he can do is refuse to acknowledge it as an issue. Like he said, he was there to sing, not to be a status symbol. He seems to not think it worth it to make a point of talking about his sexuality just as none of the other contestants have either. He doesn't feel the need to be definitive about it because it's not really anyone's business, any more than asking Kris Allen how the sex with his wife is would be.

By refusing to acknowledge the importance of the issue I think he's making a bigger statement about equality, IMHO, than it would if he let his sexuality be the focal point of his interviews.

I hope sincerely that the Rolling Stone exclusive isn't a huge "I'M GAY! Let's talk about it" announcement and more of a "Yes, I'm gay, can we please talk about something else" type piece that relegates the issue to the background once and for all. (I know it's unrealistic, but I'm still hoping.)

Joe Reid said...

I get the "I'm just here to sing" argument, but I think he undermines that by being SO conspicuous about avoiding saying the word "gay." Watch those interview clips. He dances all around the subject but never says it outright, which just makes it feel even MORE like a taboo.

To me, if you want to be like "this is not a big deal, please stop making it this whole big thing," then you just acknowledge it as a matter of fact and move on to other subjects. It's not like these non-denials are making people speculate less.

And the other thing is, at this point and time in history, I kind of don't care about this whole "none of your business" thing. Being out and proud in the public eye is better. And honestly, for a kid who has photos out on the internet of him making out with boys at Burning Man, the "privacy" issue seems Johnny-come-lately at best, disingenuous at worst.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Joe: Some people show their stupidity as soon as they open their mouth. Others, like you, prove what an idiot you are when you blog.

Case in point: Your stupidity is right out there in that you don't know what the phuck you're talking about with regards to Danny Gokey. He was raised in the church on gospel songs and songs of praise and worship. He's not at all familiar with rock, pop, country or any other genre. He knew nothing about the songs he had to choose from on AI. He not only had to learn each song in it's originality, he then had to do what he could to make it his own with a different version.

He was a good sport about his scream heard 'round the world at the end of "Dream On". He knew it was bad, yet he accepted that, laughed about it, and moved on. What would you have had him do? Whine about it? Then all the Danny bashers would have a field day. Seems like the poor guy can't do anything right without all the hate piled on him.

Leave him alone. This let's-all-hate-Danny stuff is old. It's so yesterday. Grow up. Get yourself a life if you can find one. Better yet, go stick it where the sun don't ever shine.

Joe Reid said...

And thank you for validating my opinion of Danny and the kind of people who would be Danny fans.

As for him growing up on Christian music and being ignorant of the most widely known rock and pop songs, you're kind of making my point for me.

Tom said...

Maybe he just legitimately doesn't want to talk about it? Like, why is it OK to keep grilling the poor guy about his sex life? A-Rod said he's not talking about steroids and they stopped asking him about it. Adam says he's not talking about sexuality and people continue to ask him every day. It's probably kind of annoying.

And, really, why is it such a huge deal to get him to say it to a major media outlet? The information is there for whomever wants it. What's the obsession with getting him to say it out loud?

Kirk said...

Ha. Danny Gokey comes from the church, dude. Get the net!

I just watched the Lambert interview. I agree, it was kinda strange how even as he and Slezak discussed how his being gay affected things on the show, they avoided the word so assiduously. Clearly on purpose, like they were literally playing "Taboo."

Slezak's had no problem talking about his own gayness and jokingly referring to Adam's "Possible Gayness" in the past, so it pretty much had to have been that there was a discussion before the start of the interview, and Adam said, "Sorry, my prerogative, and we're just not using the word." Which, yeah, he's probably saving it for Rolling Stone.

I really enjoy these interviews! I actually think that in the future, the show itself should incorporate something similar, you know? In addition to being funny and interesting, the candid stuff really humanizes the contestants, and kind of brings the show down to earth in a cool way.

And Adam's clearly the real deal, an entrepreneuring pro with a clear-eyed vision of what he wants to accomplish, so, props.

I caught something in his body language when he was talking about the initial meetings with 19 about his album that made me wonder how much he's actually enjoying the process... but I could be tripping.

Plus, yeah, that Gene Simmons shit was killing me.

Haven't watched Gokey yet, but I'm stoked for the part where he talks about how he had to learn each song in its originality.

Joe Reid said...

Again, Tom, that would be fine if that's what he's saying. That's not what he's saying.

(And really? A-Rod saying he didn't want to talk about steroids got people to stop talking about steroids?)

(And also, sorry to bust up your analogy, but steroids and gayness aren't equal; one's a vice and one's most assuredly not, though playing this whole game with not acknowledging it certainly makes it seem like a vice.)

sam said...

I saw something the other day with an interview with Adam's mom, where, when asked about the whole sexuality issue, she said she couldn't talk about it due to contractual obligations with AI/producers. It seemed a bit weird to me, but also, as much as these kids are 'characters in a story' on my TV, it's entirely possible that they sign their lives over to the show for its duration. Not saying whether this is a good reason or a bad reason to 'hide' ones sexuality, but just wanted to add it to the mix of things that might be getting balanced.

jessica said...

I would just like to put my full support behind you, Joe, with regard to these particular opinions: Adam's making a BIGGER deal out of it by not talking about it than it would be if he just admitted it and moved on. Danny Gokey is a completely disingenuous tool. And anonymous posters in general are annoying and lame, but this one in particular is about as ridiculously annoying and lame as they get -- a PERFECT example of the schmoes I assume are ga-ga for Gokey.

Here's a hint, people: click the identity option that says "name/URL" and just enter a name. It could be your real name, like mine is, or it could be something outrageous and grandiose like "Master Emperor Tai-Long of the Honeybee Rumpshaker Dynasty," but at least it wouldn't be that fucking cowardly "anonymous" bullshit.

Meagan said...

Like Sam, I heard Lambert's coyness is at the behest of 19E.

Gokey don't know much about music because he was raised in the church? What kind of church was it? Amish?