Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol Top 3: Too Late to Apologize?

Predictable but still sucky that they had to cut it from 9 songs down to 6 this week because they have no ability to rein in the critiques, timewise. When Kara doesn't get brought back for next season, this is the reason they'll give. They won't be wrong, exactly; it's just won't be the entire reason.

One song chosen by the judges, one chosen by the contestants this week. Not sure if anything can keep Kris around for next week, but I can hope.

Danny Gokey
"Dance Little Sister" (chosen by Paula)
"You Are So Beautiful"
Paula always has the most interesting song choices at this stage, even if they're not necessarily the best. The first performance was energetic and fun, the second was boring and emotionally needy. Both were screamy in a way that I don't think he'll be able to sustain throughout a summer tour, much less a career. But he wasn't awful.

Kris Allen
(chosen by Kara and Randy)
First of all, Kara can kiss my ass with that "I didn't like the arrangement of that song I chose for you" bullshit. I thought only Randy Jackson would ever have the balls to call song choice on a song he chose. So with a poorly chosen song, Kris was unimpressive. "Heartless," however, was my absolute favorite performance of the night and I will be buying that shit from iTunes most definitely. Shrewd song choice, too -- from the break, he had a better than 60/40 shot at outsinging the original. If the stupid judges/audience would've shut the hell up for a second, Simon's praise might've had a chance to sink in. If he does go home tomorrow, I at least think he'll be able to put out a commercially viable record by, like, Friday. (Which is something I don't think I'd have said 5 weeks ago.)

Adam Lambert
"One" (chosen by Simon)
I'll still say about Adam that he has a ridiculously powerful instrument, and from time to time he employs it in a way that I find compelling and enjoyable (sometimes one and not the other but still). He also seems like a hell of a sweet guy, and I would rather see what kind of album he puts out than Danny, Lil, Anoop, or pretty much anyone that went out before the judges used their save. That being said ... I really hated that performance of "One." The beginning sounded pretty, if possessed of that self-aware "emoting" that Adam does that tends to keep me at a distance. But once the acrobatics started, any semblance of melody went completely out the window, and he just lost the song entirely in a haze of crazy vocal tricks. He usually has a much tighter grip on his horses. "Cryin'" held together much better, I thought -- a fine entry from the early Aerosmith songbook.

Best of the night: Kris's "Heartless"
Worst of the night: Adam's "One"

Going home: Kris (and, eventually, Kara)
I wish would go home: Danny (and, ideally, Kara) (and Randy) (and Paula)


Jelene said...

"that self-aware "emoting" that Adam does that tends to keep me at a distance."

Thank you, Joe! You've put your finger on exactly what has rubbed me the wrong way with Adam. He does have a powerful voice, and is a good singer, but there is something that has kept me off the Adam Lambert Lovetrain all season, and that's exactly it. It's similar to what kept me from liking Kathryn McPhee, albeit to a different degree.

Tom said...

YES!!!! The finale I wanted!!!

Joe Reid said...

Me too! (...Ever since Allison got eliminated!)

Sus said...

But ugh, the version of Kris's "Heartless" on iTunes has a complete instrumental background, which just makes it sound smarmy.