Friday, May 15, 2009

I Can't Believe It

But it sounds like they're actually going to renew Dollhouse. That is FANTASTIC news! Of course, "drastically reduced budget" (as per Ausiello at EW) sounds ominous, and I can't help but wonder how that'll happen. But whatever, more episodes of this doomed little show that got great!

Back to being a bummer, though: "drastically" suggests to me that cast members may have to get cut. Which is doubly worrisome to me, considering that with the exception of Olivia Williams, my favorite cast members (Enver Gjokaj and Amy Acker, a.k.a. Team Scarface) sit closest to the cut line. It's too bad; Topher's not well liked, Boyd doesn't seem to have found his purpose yet, and Ballard's a snooze, but all three are far more central to the plot, so they're not going anywhere. (Not that I would in any way want to lose Harry Lennix, who has been fab.)

I guess these are questions for another time. For now? WOO HOO!


Claire said...

What I've been hearing re: budget is that they're going to stop doing 50 minute episodes and go back to the standard 42 minute format. They should be able to save some money on episodes just with that (and make all the writers happier since I heard an interview with Joss in which he basically said that writing an extra 8 minutes is a bitch)


i actually think "drastically reduced budget" might help considering all the best stuff happens inside of the Dollhouse and that requires but one set ;)

JA said...

The simplest solution would be to cut all of the money they're spending on clothing for Tahmoh and Enver. Nothing's cheaper than naked!

Joe Reid said...

I like the way we're thinking here, people. I really do.