Thursday, May 07, 2009

Farewell, Scrubs

I haven't been following this season as closely as I'd have liked to, but I felt the need to tip my hat to a terrifically underrated show. With a terrifically underrated cast. Zach Braff gets all the headlines, sure. But here's to the hilarious Sarah Chalke

(bonus bajingo clips)

the smooth as hell Donald Faison

and the devastating Judy Reyes

(there are probably better Carla clips but this one gets me every time I watch it)


Alice said...

I saw that Carla episode last night! How funny!

Jenn said...

You picked some of my favorite scenes to highlight. And Judy Reyes is possibly one of the most underrated actresses on TV. I wasn't as into the show's first season as I was the other seasons, but in the beginning, Carla was my favorite.

BeRightBack said...

I've always thought Donald Faison was so, so hot. The nonstop goofiness just accentuates it.

Sandman said...

Reyes is magnificent. Your Emmy campaign in her behalf is spot-on, Joe.