Monday, May 11, 2009

Claaaaassic Peg!

Not surprisingly, everybody's talking about the Justin Timberlake-hosted SNL this past weekend. Rightfully so, too -- the "Dick in a Box" redux (with Susan Sarandon and Patrica Clarkson!) was good and the immigrant sketch was pretty great too. Hell, you know I love Justin Timberlake in pretty much all contexts, so I'm not a hard sell.

But nobody's talking about my favorite sketch of the night! I already love Kristen Wiig's Target Lady even though it's pretty much always the dumbest sketch of the night. But my kind of dumb. Anyway, this time around Target Lady is joined by her pal Peg, and Peg? Is a classic. The sketch goes too long, but it's totally worth it for bringing Classic Peg into my life.

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