Friday, April 10, 2009

The Week in TV

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Survivor (4/9)
So in the span of one hour, I went from liking the season but generally rooting for any of about a half-dozen people to rooting so hardcore for Brandon (and Taj still, I think) and really anticipating ugly demises for Coach, Tyson, and Stephen. JT's really just playing his best game, so I can't blame him, but if he spends any more time around Coach and willingly remains in an alliance with him, we're done.

Lost (4/8)
Here's where I'm kind of an asshole, but after watching the entire internet swoon and wail and otherwise obsess of The Great and Pure Love of Desmond and Penny, I was kind of really hoping Ben was going to kill one or both of them. Alas. He did kill one of those useless Nu Redshirts, though! That was fun! Great episode, as all the Ben episodes are. Hardly any questions answered, but what I've come to discover, completely improbably, is that figuring out the mysteries on this show has become secondary to finding out what happens to the characters.

Make Me a Supermodel (4/8)
Another week, another opportunity to see Jonathan and Gabe half-naked. This show should be funded by the government, that's how much of a public service it provides. Oh, and how about Branden telling us that supermodel Nicole was "looking smashing today"? GAYER EVERY WEEK! That boy will be standing at an altar in Vermont in three episodes.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge (4/8)
I hope to get into this in further depth in the blog proper, but for now, I'll say that if CT didn't get in a fight on the first night (again) and get kicked off (again), he totally would not have made it through that rugby competition without taking a swing at someone, so it probably could not have been helped.

The Hills (4/6)
Goddamn it. How does that guy get beat up by Spencer Pratt? That could've been the most cathartic moment in the history of TV if homeboy knew how to fight. Pity. Also a pity? Stephanie Pratt's collagen-swollen face. Though I am impressed that she's gone from amateur shit-stirrer to professional status. She is just 24/7 starting drama. ALSO, I love how Lo has completely become Lauren's enforcer, heading out into the party to convince Heidi to leave so Lauren wouldn't have to get her hands dirty. Whatever, yes, I still watch this show.

In Treatment (4/6)
Soooo nice to have this show back. I haven't gotten to the Gina episode yet, but I already love the new crop of patients. Especially the wonderful Allison Pill. And Hope Davis, who is hit-or-miss for me, looks to be on the top of her game.

Kings (4/5)
You guys, this SUCKS. Not the show, the show is awesome. It just sucks that the ratings have been beyond abysmal, that it's being shunted to Saturdays, and that the best we can hope for is that NBC burns off all 13 episodes. Damn it all. Even Leslie Bibb as the tabloid quees/news corporation owner/cabinet member (that's right) was compelling!

Friday Night Lights (4/3)
Finally caught up! Such a wonderful rebound season after the growing pains of Season 2. The McCoys have been a great addition to the show, particularly Janine Turner, who I never thought was any good. Psyched about renewal, too, though not about Tyra and Lyla getting written off. The journey of Lyla Garrity from stuck-up jezebel to fully fleshed-out, awesome girl has been such an underrated development.

The Soup (4/3)
CHICKEN TATRAZZINI! It's the new "Kiss my ass!"

Survivor (4/2)
Good to see JT and Steven aren't the morons they seemed to be when they were considering voting off Taj. Though it does seem more and more likely that Steven is looking for his chance to make a big Machiavellian move more than he's looking to make the smart play. Brandon continues to be underrated; his assessment of Coach as a "predictable player" was a shrewd one.

Samantha Who? (4/2)
This episode was written by my marvelously talented friend Pamela Ribon, so it's no surprise that it was hilarious. Samantha's mom's "koi pond" line about killed me, as was Deena's horrified reaction to Andrea possibly becoming a mom. And Andrea's cocktail rattle! I need to get me one of those. Best joke, by far? Sam going through the baby name book: "Holden Deepler ... God, I would have no problem spanking that kid."

Damages (4/1)
Somewhat underwhelming end to what was a pretty great season. Not having any Marcia Gay Harden doesn't help, and I have no idea why Ted Danson was there, because that went nowhere. I guess after last season, I was expecting a better, more shocking reveal. Which I guess is the danger of the continued ante-upping this show does. But the Glenn Close/Rose Byrne scenes were so well-acted, and Patty kicking her son out of the apartment was gloriously hardcore.


Tracy said...

Re: Lost, it's interesting that in a season that is mostly downplaying character focus in favor of plot and mythology that the characters are becoming so muuch more likeable and compelling.

Julia said...

Would love to hear your thoughts on the crapsterpiece which is American Idol this season.