Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three Thoughts on Three TV Shows

I had more to say about these shows to relegate them to the sidebar but not enough to dedicate full posts, so we're doing a mini-roundup of the absolute Murderer's Row of Wednesday Night TV.

I have loved Miles since minute one, so I was very happy to see him get his own episode. And, yes, Daddy Issues storylines are boring, and we'd all guessed who his dad was weeks and weeks ago, but Ken Leung is a good enough actor to pull the episode off. Also, since Miles showed up, his brand of sarcastic comic relief has sapped me of 90% of my patience for Hurley's bumbling-slacker brand of humor, so watching Miles spend 60 minutes calling Hurley an unbelievable moron was pretty cathartic. Even if Hurley ended up being a font of hokey Star Wars-based paternal advice. Also? I have to say, teenage Miles looking like this:

Incredibly appealing. And I was not expecting that. As for the rest of the episode, I don't care one little bit about Jack, Kate, and Ben's dad, so whatever. As for my newfound shipper's needs, I have to mention that Sawyer clocking Jimmy Barrett (or whatever his name is on this show) and then Juliet going to get the rope all nonchalant was the highlight of my night. Supercouple!

American Idol
No, Matt wasn't good enough to deserve the Judges' Save. But I'm glad he got it. Basically, if you thought Judges' Save was a good idea, last night's decision was a terrible call. The Save was introduced as a way to rectify such greivous oversights as the elimination of Tamyra Gray, Chris Daughtry, and (...sigh) Michael Johns. So saving Matt, after everybody agreed he deserved to be at the bottom of the heap, and after Simon flat-out said he has no shot at winning (which he doesn't) was a complete waste and runs counter to the whole stupid idea in the first place.

But if you're like me and are inclined to call the Save a "stupid idea" like I just did, this is good news. At least for me. Saving Matt, who can't win, means that the Save will probably not end up having much impact on who wins this show. Which would not have been the case if Danny or Adam had needed saving. (The only way it ends up mattering is if Adam or Danny end up getting sucked out in next week's double elimination, but I doubt that will happen.)

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Y'all, join me as I pour one out for My Boyfriend Ryan and Psycho Robin. You guys, they call Robin "Psycho." Not that I blame them, but I can't help but feeling bad for her. Particularly when she's sober, Robin is so...fragile, is perhaps the best word. But she means well! She's just a complete basket case! Even Brooke was looking at her out the side of her eye. BROOKE! As for Ryan, I really wish he could have thumped stupid M.J. and knocked the Skoal into the back of his condescending throat, but alas. There will be other challenges; other gay hot tub makeout sessions; other opportunities to overestimate his standing in the game.

Also, while I have lost pretty much all affection for Paula, and while I don't understand her attachment to Dunbar at all, I still side with her against Evan because DEAR GOD, EVAN, IT'S CALLED THE SUN, PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF ASAP!

Anyway, your thoughts?


Jon said...

I'm not a huge fan of the whole "I talk to dead people" aspect of Miles, but I do enjoy the character (and the actor). And an entire episode of his snarky bitterness was nice.

And I agree on Juliet and Sawyer -- she looked totally turned on when he slugged that guy.

jessica said...

Re: American Idol, I reiterate my comment from a previous post, which is that I think the judges used their save simply so it wouldn't go to waste and look like the pointless idea it is. It's only valid 2 more weeks, they have 2 people (specifically, Anoop and Lil) they want to leave before Matt, and they've no doubt seen the vote data that indicates neither Adam nor Danny are in any real danger. I will be thrilled -- THRILLED, I tell you -- if next week the bottom two are Danny and Kris and the whole season goes to shit.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Dammit, Joe...the whole "non-response" of Juliet to Sawyer cold cocking that guy was *my* favorite thing about the episode. Pick something else.

Also, welcome to the "Hurley annoys us" association. We've been open for business since the show's first season.

JennB said...

I think Simon caved on the judges' save so he doesn't have to deal with it anymore. If Lil is in the bottom three next week, he can say, "Oh, too bad we can't save you, because I would have loved to."

Hurley writing The Empire Strikes Back reminded me of the Family Guy episode where Peter and Brian go back in time and Peter says they could write Die Hard.

Tom said...

I was going to say what Jessica said. If they didn't use it on Matt they would have had to use it next week on Lil or Anoop or not use it at all.

I think they've been saving it for Alison but she's managed to stay out of the bottom. So, via Murphy's Law, she's out next week.

DuchessKitty said...

Word up on Evan needing to get himself to a tanning bed ASAP. When he was in that speedo during the human curling challenge I was almost blinded.
And please tell me why I'm so fascinated with Landon? He's such a non-entity, but I still dig him so much. I secretly want him and Brittini to hook up. (geezus, I can't believe I just typed that sentence).

Pamela said...

Okay, first of all, Michael Johns is awesome. And hot. And AWESOME.

Secondly, I agree that the judges' save is a bad idea (and for the record, so does Michael Johns), but I'm also glad they used it on Matt, since he's my favourite this season. If Danny ends up getting eliminated next week (yeah, I know, but a girl can dream), I'll laugh and laugh and laugh.