Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Week's Lost

This is the one show where I'm still pretty rigid about spoilers, so I'm not going to get too into what happened in the post (the comments, however, are ALL SPOILERS). I just wanted to mention that in a week where Daniel Farraday returned to the island looking like this ...

... and going a mile a minute about time travel, relativity, and variables, Kate delivered maybe my favorite reaction shot of the series:

I go hot and cold with Kate, but that really made me like her, at least for a moment.

Now about those SPOILERS, click into the comments to read my thoughts on what went down.


Joe Reid said...

FUCK GOD DAMN IT! I loved Daniel! Looking back, of course they would kill him after a full episode of "anyone can die" and then him handing off the plan to Jack.

That's another thing -- I was quite enjoying Jack being a completely useless and superfluous character who was good for absolutely nothing. He was the appendix of Lost and I was very happy mocking him for it. Now that Daniel's dead, his quest to H-bomb the hatch has now become Jack's quest. And that is going to be SO annoying.

mathan said...

I'm completely with you.

I'm way critical of the show in general, but this episode was certainly the best in recent memory.

I loved Juliet reacting to Sawyer during the entire pow wow scene. I really hope she doesn't end up dead.

I also hope that you're wrong Jack having a new mission. I doubt you're wrong, but I'm hoping.

jessica said...

That was harsh, Daniel's mom killing him that way. And you kind of knew it was happening when things started going down, but MAN!

I agree with mathan; Juliet's glance to Sawyer when he called Kate "freckles" was heartbreakingly perfect, and then I love how she totally sabotaged him by giving Kate the code. Now there's a chick who doesn't take any gruff!

JA said...

That screen-cap of Kate has gone a long way today towards putting me in a better mood, Joe, so thank you for that. I keep popping back over here and giggling at it whenever I'm feeling too icky. Which's been... oh, every five minutes or so.

Tom said...

I can understand why they'd give Jack another huge storyline. It's not like Matthew Fox put a giant stamp on the entire beginning of this season and mailed in everything he wasn't the main focus of or anything.