Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I'm pretty sure this was a deleted scene from The Stand, in which the survivors of the superflu plague all appeared in a dream to Mother Abigail, warning her to send all the sodomites to Las Vegas to be with their own kind.

Seriously, though, are you scared yet? Did the background footage from your local karaoke bar's "Thunder Rolls" program convince you of the apocalyptic, dystopian future that awaits with the legalization of gay marriage? Were you encouraged by the sunshine peeking out at the end, with its promise of a "rainbow coalition" of all creeds, races, and religions coming together to put the fags back in their place? Didn't you find that inspirational? Or are you just a racist?

Honestly, I'm oddly encouraged by these kinds of ads. It just makes the opposition look so ... fringe. Desperate. "Scare tactics" aren't a new phenomenon in politics, but they usually don't come across like something you'd see in an actual haunted house. The next step is anti-gay conservatives creeping up behind you, individually, and shouting "GAYMARRIAGE!" And fewer and fewer people are going to jump. And the world keeps spinning forward.


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"All Creeds" -- yeah, if you only count5 Christian denominations! Your freedom will be taken away? Boo fucking hoo, and world's smallest violin. Yes, I'm a wee bitter, but Christians of this variety are unaware of the hidden privileges they get, despite their constant wail of "I'm being persecuted"

Ask your local Jew, Pagan, Sikh, or Muslim about the shit they've had to put up with - like spray-paint swastikas on their house of worship or their homes and businesses being burnt to the ground. Talk to a gay man, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person about the beatings, catcalls, and other harassment that's part of daily life.

I lived through these same arguments about "having to teach gays are ok" and "imposing their amoral lifestyle on my good, Christian community" back in 1993 when my school tried to ban gays from participation in student government. I called bullshit then. I still cry bullshit. Your church can protest it, but your church does not make civil law. Establishment clause and all that.

That and my protests of Gulf War 1 in a military town were the best death threats I ever earned.