Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Night's Idol

You know, perhaps if you're not allowed to say the name of the guy's movie on the show, maybe the guy is an ill fit for the show. Thinking out loud here. Anyway, Tarantino's ill-fitting appearance aside, it was mostly a week of me loving and hating the same people. I can't argue with all the complaints about the crappy song choices this week, but I can't in good conscience echo them either because, as you'll read below, pretty much half of the songs not involved with the movie Once are guilty pleasures of mine. You guys, I know.

Allison Iraheta
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Not my favorite performance of hers, with some bum notes and some screaming, but she's still one of the few performers this season who earns my complete and utter devotion when she hits her marks. Which she did her fair share of with this, the Diane Warren-iest song of them all. The opening slot has me tres worried for her, but she seems to do well when the judges like her (which they did this week), so who knows?

Anoop Desai
"Everything I Do, I Do It For You"

Okay, first of all, the return of that goddamn varsity jacket of his was both annoying and yet convenient shorthand to remind me just how much I hate him. After all of Quentin's exhortations to put some growl into the song, Anoop gives a Sominex-sponsored rendition of the song that made us all fall in love with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Naturally, Randy and Kara are all over it, because I could not be on a different page than those two, at every turn.

Adam Lambert
"Born to Be Wild"

Almost as annoying a song choice as "Play That Funky Music" (quite a fucking feat, that), but Adam was helped by a typically excellent vocal (despite the 4-6 over-the-top notes that are equally typical), relaxed interaction with the band, and a sextastic new haircut. Haircut!

Matt Giraud
"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"

This is easily in my Top 5 least favorite songs of all time, so I really can't judge it, like, at all. But I think it was pretty boring, and Matt could certainly go home for not motivating whatever fan base he might have. (Personally, I don't think Matt or Allison have much of a base constituency, which puts them at the mercy of the judges' critiques much more than anyone else. Which is why Matt's gonna be Bottom 2.)

Danny Gokey
"Endless Love"

Okay, I TOTALLY called that Danny would sing this song. Probably not that tough a call, but still. And the HARP! The instrument of heaven's angels themselves! And the glance upwards at the end. I was kind of ticked at Simon for playing the dead-wife card on Danny's behalf, but Danny really was playing it enough on his own. Uh...but the vocals were great. (Don't tell anybody, but I have a not insignificant soft spot for this song.)

Kris Allen
"Falling Slowly"

My prediction is that Kris will be voted off this week because all of his fans have been summarily reduced to jelly and unable to operate their telephone machines. Seriously, though, SO AWESOME. Yes, the song is doing 90% of the heavy lifting here, but in this season of nonstop obsession with song choice, this was the best song choice yet. Randy Jackson can EAT IT, that was fantastic.

Lil Rounds
"The Rose"
Okay, see what I wrote up there about a soft spot for "Endless Love"? That goes exponential in all directions for "The Rose." I will not apologize. That is a beautiful song. Not the way Lil sang it, of course. I was saying to Roommate Mark that the condensed Idol version of the song loses the slow build to the end anyway; it didn't help that Lil lavished so much attention on the individual notes that she lost what the song as a whole is supposed to sound like. Not good.

Two Best: Kris, Adam
Two Worst: Lil, Anoop

Predicted Bottom 3: Matt, Lil, Allison
Going Home: Matt

However, if it's Allison with the lowest number of votes, this would be the first week where I could seriously buy the judges saving someone.


Julia said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks Joe, as always a very entertaining read. :) I have to say, I hated pretty much everyone last night except for Kris...I may or may not have shrieked when I realized he was singing "Falling Slowly."

Allison's normally one of my faves, but I am SO sick of that damn song, plus I thought David Cook did it better last season.

I can't even remember Anoop or Matt's songs. Yawn.

Adam, after the great "Mad World", was pretty disappointing. I just prefer him when he slows things down and isn't so up in your face.

Danny and Lil...let's not even talk about them, I hate being reminded that they're still around.

jessica said...

The judges' save was the stupidest idea ever, so of course they have to use it to prove how not stupid they are. And why not use it when there are only two eligible weeks left and there are two people you want to get rid of before the one who wonders how to really really, really really, really ever really really, love a woman.

Meagan said...

Have to disagree re: Kris. Hate, hate, HATED his performance. And I adore "Falling Slowly." Plus, why the flip did he pass on the guitar--on this of all songs!? The melody tinkering, no guitar...just bizarre choices all around.