Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Will NEVER Stop Trying to Make "Fetch" Happen!

So yesterday I wrote maybe my favorite thing that I've written at SOAPnet and in the process tried to coin (or at least popularize) the term "Brotox" (Botox for dudes -- you guys understand). You guys, I really want this to happen, and if the View ladies aren't going to help me out, maybe you can.

This is what comes of me watching the fourth hour of the Today show every day; one minute I'm watching KLG and Vivica Fox square off about Zac Efron, I take note of Vivica's weird upper-lip action, and all of a sudden my day is consumed by terrible (alleged) plastic surgery.

Check out the photo gallery, though. I wrote it in full-on crazy TWoP mode, which is a mode I really love to be in. And the photos are ridonk (props, Julie!).


CT said...

Hilarious! (Allegedly.)

Kris McN said...


But, I'm a little confused. I get that Botox smooths out the wrinkles, but does it also make you shiny? Why do all of them have the satin -> semi-gloss finish?

BeRightBack said...

I especially enjoyed the play with the word "blanket" in the MJ entry.