Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eminem's "We Made You": The 21st Century "Eat It"?

Did you guys notice MTV is airing music videos again? In the early mornings, sure, but it's enough where I can watch while I get ready to leave for work. Not just new stuff either -- I caught the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Give It Away" yesterday. It's nice to see.

Anyway, so today I caught the new Eminem video -- exactly how new it is I'm not sure, but E!Online was writing about it today like it was just off the assembly line, so maybe I'm getting in on the ground floor for once. Anyway, here it is:

Is that not just the saddest thing you've ever seen? I mean -- look, I make no bones about the fact that I don't like Eminem and I'm looking for the negative almost constantly. But what always made him so maddening back in his heyday was that no matter how much I wanted to hate him, I had to admit that "The Real Slim Shady" was some catchy shit. Or that "Lose Yourself" was a goddamn masterpiece. This new video is just ... well, like I said, it's sad.

It's not a new observation to say that Eminem's obsession with celebrity shit-talking has always focused on the weakest, most obvious targets on the landscape. That's true on "We Made You" to a near-parodic degree. He's talking about exactly who you'd think: Britney, Lindsay, Jessica Simpson, Bret Michaels. Hey, have you heard Amy Winehouse is a drug-addled mess? Nailed it! Even the requisite gay-bashing focuses on how hot girls like Lindsay Lohan and Portia DeRossi are too sexy to be eating box. Yawn. But whereas the tired celebrity baiting in, say, "Without Me" was paired with a maddeningly singable hook, "We Made You" is the kind of tuneless dreck that made "Ass Like That" (you know, the video with the "Crank Yankers" puppets) such a career low point.

I can't decide whether this is Eminem's cynical attempt to cash in with the mainstream by going back to what's worked so well for him or if he honestly thinks someone like Jessica Simpson needs to be knocked down a peg in 2009. And I can't decide which would be sadder. The video really does remind me of a "Weird Al" video, with the wall-to-wall celebrity references that are barely relevant now, much less in a year or longer. Even the Sarah Palin stuff is so six months ago! Remember when everybody thought Eminem was so dangerous?? Doesn't that seem adorable now?

Maybe this is just me, though? Do you guys think this is a return to form? Are you happy to have Eminem stirring the pot again?

Oh, and p.s.: Em, if you're still getting hung up on gay dudes being all over your jock, maybe you should stop dressing up like a fetish object?

Regttably, I'd still hit that. Spitefully, but still.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of a weak song and video and I really was wanting a return to form. All the gay bashing aside Em and Dre and some great songs on the first couple albums

Deanna said...

OK, I couldn't even make it two minutes into that. But I refuse to allow Eminem to corrupt Star Trek. I'm putting my foot down!

Roommate Mark said...

I'd say you nailed it, Joe. The sad parade of easy pop culture references, the forgettable melody, and the weirdly accented rapping have turned Eminmen into the joke he thinks he's making. How is anyone supposed to care about something this lackluster?

Like you, I've never really cared for Eminem, but I could never deny the genius of songs like "Lose Yourself." With this track, I can't even respect his craft.

It's kind of sad that such a compelling artist has now produced such a lengthy string of throwaway songs. He can't coast on his credibility forever.

coffee maker said...

Eminem hits up all the right celebs in this video

Gossip Queen said...

Ugh! who made you a song critic? It's people like you, who want to stick up for evey celeb and anyone getting bashed, that need a life. I mean seriously, Eminem is an entertainer. So what is teh song doing? Entertaining! Whether the song is catchy, or it's just funny, it's still gonna get him more money than you'll ever see. Get a life!

Robert Hamer said...

Since it's neither funny nor entertaining, I'm not sure what your point is, Gossip Queen.