Thursday, April 02, 2009

Embarrassing Movie Wednesdays: Monsters vs. Aliens

Tara and I instituted Embarrassing Movie Wednesdays a month ago, both as a way to tie ourselves down to a weekly movie night and also to give ourselves blanket immunity for our willingness to see movies that don't necessarily make us proud. Also, it's a good way for me to practice spelling "embarrassing" correctly. Two "r"s, Joe! TWO!

Just to catch you all up: Week 1 was He's Just Not That Into You, which was legitimately awful. Week 2 we opted for Fired Up! which has thus far proven to be the perfect EMW movie, delightful and stupid at once. Week 3 was Duplicity, not an embarrassing movie, but one we both wanted to see, and it certainly delivered.

In light of Duplicity, when I told Roommate Mark that this week's selection was Monsters vs. Aliens, he suggested we just downgrade to "Movie Wednesdays." A fair point -- M v. A didn't look bad, and despite the fact that we were two adults seeing a kids movie, not very embarrassing -- but it was a lean week for crappy-looking movies we were both willing to see (sorry, Knowing). And before we throw the baby out with the bathwater, I invite you to check out the release schedule for April and May. It's like the studios have been planning for EMW. We've gotten spring training out of the way, now Tara and I are ready for opening day.

As for this week's feature, Monsters vs. Aliens was ... okay. It was fine; kind of a slapped-together story, kind of fluctuating in its sense of humor, every once in a while slipping into the kind of nonsensical pop-culture referencing that made me think there should be dancing penguins. But there was some really funny voice work from Seth Rogen and Hugh Laurie, which elevated a good deal of the movie. At least the parts where I wasn't racking my brain trying to figure out who was voicing Reese Witherspoon's mother (kudos, Tony-winner Julie White).

All in all, not too embarrassing. Not too great either. On our very scientific EMW scale, I give it:

2 bags over the head.

Join us next week, when our selected movie just might star Paul Walker.

(Thanks, Pam, for the jpeg inspiration)


Sandman said...

Ha! Love the EMW rating scale.

Tara said...

For the record, I kept pitching "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" right up until it was only playing in one cinema in New Jersey. I'm not better than anyone.