Monday, April 20, 2009

"Adorkable" Defined

So in preparation for their ever more useless Hot 100 list, hysterical gay blog After Elton is running a series of "for your consideration" posts. Today's asked you to take time to meditate on the hotness of the dorky-looking gay-friendly guys out there. Their suggestions weren't all bad (hey, someone in the comments suggested hottie Justin Bartha), but they made the tragic error of omitting my favorite nerd of the moment. That would be:

You know, not only am I very much enjoying Better Off Ted for its corporate weirdness and the awesome Portia De Rossi, but I am more and more in love with Slavin's Phil, the funniest thing on screen at all times. And he's, like, the dictionary definition of "adorkable" (yes, I realize that word is about 99% finished in the lexicon -- consider this doing my part to push it over the cliff). And he's out! WTF, After Elton? Support your own!

P.S. Don't take my newfound devition to Jonathan as a rejection of My Future Husband Luke after last night's Bitch-Gate ugliness. I am still 100% devoted to Luke. And for the record, both parties were in the wrong last night and most likely overreacting due to stress and lack of sleep and having to listen to that redheaded cheerleader berate the locals all day. Luke shouldn't have thrown the elbow and Jen shouldn't have lied that Luke pushed her at the next clue box (come on, lady, it's called "forward momentum"), and everybody should have not embarasses themselves in front of Phil. But I do feel for Luke having to witness Jen telling her side of the story to Phil/America without being able to get out his side until his mom stopped comparing deaf people to gay people and got to translating for him. Anyway, bottom line: I still love Luke.

And Jonathan Slavin.


Vance said...

J Slavin is out? Hoorah! He was just as hilarious in Andy Richter Controls the Universe and along with Portia, enough reason for me to start watching BOT (thank god it turned out to be just as funny as I had hoped).

And yah, I blame stress, lack of sleep and exhaustion for the Luke/Margie meltdown.

Danny said...

Really, Joe? I've been ambivalent, mostly positive about Margie/Luke all season, but they went down a BUNCH of notches in my mind after last night.

What bothered me most was them trying to have it both ways: they want Luke treated as an equal, but the second he is treated like one (I'm pretty sure Kisha/Jen would have called anyone a bitch who threw an elbow, and laughed at any similarly childish overreaction to this entire scenario at the mat), they play the victim "deaf card" and ask for a free pass due to a life of hardship. It's a frustrating double standard.

Joe Reid said...

I'm kind of saddened at how quickly everyone else seems to be jumping on the "they want to have their cake and eat it too" bandwagon. Is it really having it both ways to ask to be treated like an equal and not be openly laughed at for your disability? That's all Margie was talking about.

Luke, I think, objected to being called a bitch, as we all would; i think all he wanted to do was call her a bitch right back (no more than she deserved) and was frustrated at not being able to really do so. (the trouble with signing expletives is they don't work if the recipient's back is turned.)

I think the rest of it -- what you're calling "playing the victim" was emotions boiling over due to ye olde "killer fatigue" as someone much smarter than me called it.

I guess I'm still willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Even on reality TV.

Anonymous said...

I know that people have been talking about the fit that Luke was having, but I think it comes from an inability to adequately express his anger. He doesn't get to have the immediate satisfaction of yelling, first because his mother has to translate for him, and second, because when he reacts with emotion, the others don't read it as anger, because of his gesticulating. That is to say, they seem to see it as "Look, the deaf kid is trying to yell. How funny!" Don't get me wrong, Margie was being a tad ridiculous and Luke did overreact, but Kisha and Jen were being tremendously condescending. And, to a certain degree, Kisha and Jen were having their cake and eating it too as much as Margie/Luke, as whichever girl was involved in the altercation got to play the woman hit by the man (despite being physicaly equally as strong as Luke, I would guess) and also laugh at him as if he was a child. Bottom line, both teams kind of sucked at that moment, so I give them a pass, especially in my happiness over the stuntmen being gone.

Chris said...

"Is it really having it both ways to ask to be treated like an equal and not be openly laughed at for your disability? That's all Margie was talking about."

It's having it both ways to say, as Luke did in the cab, that you can't call deaf people bitch, which is what I think that commenter was referring to.

T-Square said...

Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one with love for Slavin. Though, I'm not holding my breath on - in any given group of homos, adorkable without constantly visible abs doesn't tend to happen (*sigh*).

If you haven't seen him in Hard Pill, I recommend it. It drags a bit, but true uncomfy weirdness is rarely portrayed so well.

jessica said...

BOT is awesome in general, in no small part because of Slavin.

And if you can't have your cake and eat it too, why even have the cake? Isn't being eaten cake's entire reason for existing? Why deny it its destiny?

Seriously, though, both teams were obviously heavy with Killer Fatique and I can't imagine either of them watching it back Sunday night and not being pretty embarrassed. All involved have come off as exceptionably likeable all season and unfortunately they literally collided on a bad day. It happens to the best of us. Though I will say, Joe, that we're all probably more "willing to give people the benefit of the doubt" when already predisposed to liking them. If you don't like or trust someone, for whatever reason, you're more likely to view their words and actions negatively, even if it was presented with the best of intentions. Nietzche observed that, I think. Really!

Joe Reid said...

Well, right. I never understood that whole "You're only saying that because you like her/him" line of invective I'd get as a recapper. Yes, if I like someone, I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. That's what you earn by building up goodwill.

Danny said...

You're all right, about the Killer Fatigue and the benefit of the doubt. I think I have been even more predisposed to judge Luke harshly ever since my favorite team (Mel & Mike) was eliminated and did some interviews where they mentioned Luke's sour attitude throughout the race.

Anonymous said...

More important-missing on the adorkable list is Luke McFarlane, Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. He's adorable, kind of doofy, has that killer grin, and lately he's the only character on the show I don't want to bitchslap.

Joe Reid said...

I love Scotty, but he looks like an underwear model! The word "dork" doesn't belong within a mile of him.