Sunday, April 19, 2009

About Susan Boyle

So every time I try to sit down and talk about the planet's new favorite Scottish chanteuse -- and the fervor with which every person you know has been singing (HAR!) her praises -- this sequence always pops into my mind:

Weird, right?

Oh, calm down, I think the woman herself is lovely. The rabid internetters declaring blood atonement as punishment for not being sufficiently enthralled by her journey? Not as lovely.

Seriously, though, if you're looking for words that most approximate my thoughts on the first viral video of the New Depression, read this by Mark, then this by EW, then this by Linda. Done and done.


Linda said...

I had no idea I apparently was a virulent Susan Boyle hater until many, many angry people told me I was. DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN SUSAN. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HAVE FUN AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HAPPY FUN SUSAN PHENOMENON, EVEN IF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE PHENOMENON AND NOT HAPPY FUN SUSAN. WE WILL CUT YOU. Seriously. I'm starting to think Susan's true future is as a cult leader, because right now, if she told people to rise up in revolt, millions apparently would do so without question. It's kind of freaking me out.

Tara said...

Apparently, I am one of those soulless people who really was unaffected by the video, so this article pretty much summed up my feelings on the topic.

Roommate Mark said...

Linda, yes! I've also been attacked by the Happy Fun Susan Cult. Like, to an intense degree. And god forbid any of us should ever suggest she is less that a perfect ball of singing joy or, at the age of 47, older than most new pop stars. If you do that, the cult sends dogs. Dogs wearing costumes from Les Miserables.

jessica said...

See, my reaction to the video has been something akin to, "Huh, okay" and not the wide-eyed, face-holding, jaw-dropping shock of one Amanda Holden.

So the woman can sing. So what? Isn't that like the point of the show? That there are nobodies in this world who are as good or better at things like singing and dancing than even some famous people? I don't get what all the hubub is about. I mean, Mark's piece was very well-articulated as to the driving human emotions behind the fervor, but it's a manufactured game show of which the ENTIRE PURPOSE is to showcase undiscovered talent. I have a feeling this sort of thing will happen again.

Now if the Happy Fun Susan Cult would like to theaten me with bodily harm, feel free to get in line behind the Gokey Hokies.

Joe Reid said...

You know, when Rosie O'Donnell is saying that Susan is "like Shrek come to life" whilst RAVING about her, maybe we've completely lost the concept of fans and non-fans.

jessica said...


I'm sorry, was the Shrek thing supposed to be a compliment?? Because that is pretty hilarious: "You're just like this movie that teaches us how ugly people are okay and totally allowed to have love and happiness just like the rest of us!" I'm paraphrasing.

Maybe it's just that people in Hollywood and other media hogs have no concept of plain people anymore. You know how some people are just not remarkable in any way? She's like that. She's not hideous, her visage hasn't yet melted my face off or anything, and she's not stunningly beautiful. She's a plain, middle-aged woman. What the frick is the big deal??

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to field some death threats from the Committee for Honoring Dead Wives. (I heart irony.)

Carol Elaine said...

Here's the thing: I loves me some Susan Boyle. Chills running down my spine, eyes tearing up - the whole kit and kaboodle. She just makes me smile and I adore her voice. I think it's lovely and would be even better with a little more training and a bit less nervousness. I posted a blog entry about the Britain's Got Talent clip, which I rarely do (write about the latest pop culture fad/viral video, that is). I even looked askance at my boyfriend when he said he thought the news was over-saturated with SusanBoyleMania.

(Then again, he's an avid CNN viewer. I am not.)


Members of the Happy Fun Susan Cult are the types of people who just get waaaay too invested in celebrities in general. You can bet that, before becoming emotionally vested in "Susan's Journey," they were up on all of the details of the lives of some other celebrity. It's just that Susan Boyle looks more like them and seems more like them in everyday life, therefore she is the Second Coming of Music and is an Inspiration To Us All.

BTW, one cat does not a cat lady make (says the single lady with three cats - and a boyfriend and a male roommate).

DuchessKitty said...

My people, I've found my people! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I've started to feel like I'm the only one of my friends and acquaintances that had properly working ears. Susan Boyle is just an okay singer. Let's move on please. Geez.