Friday, March 27, 2009

You're Not Fooling Me, "Dubai"

Via Towleroad comes this shot of that extravagant land development/experiment in how far the world's wealthiest can push the rest of us before we storm the Bastille and take Bora Bora for our own. "The World" (the islands at the top right) is a series of man-made islands intended to be the most exclusive of resort communities.

They're not fooling me, though. "The World" is just there to distract us from those two other developments protruding out into the gulf. What are they? Can't say for sure. But do they remind you of anything familiar?

That's right. So when Hillary Clinton makes a diplomatic trip to Dubai only to remove her mask and reveal she's The Baroness, declare the Middle East for Cobra, and demand the surrender of all the major world governments, don't say you were never warned.


Kirk said...

Haaa ha ha. Excellent.

We're all screwed, and just in time for the major motion picture!

PS Joe, I love your blog. :)

mathan said...

Oh Joe, you always find a way to make me smile.

And being a huge fan of Cobra, I was completely slayed.