Monday, March 09, 2009

You Guys?

Cheyenne Jackson is going to be on Glee, too.

I...don't even know.

(It's only a one-episode guest appearance, so far as we know now, but it certainly portends a whole bunch of fantastic tendencies. This might be the greatest show ever. For seven glorious episodes.)

So now the flood gates appear to be open, as far as Broadway-style guest stars. Who else do we want to see? I might kill someone for a Chenoweth/Idina Menzel Wicked reunion. What about y'all?


Mark Blankenship said...

It's worth noting that Lea Michele, star of "Spring Awakening" and "Ragtime," is playing the diva freak girl. And Jayma "Charlie" Mays is a regular, too. Amazing!

Vance said...

I was actually thinking they should probably be a show that films in NY to just take advantage of all the Broadway stars and save on flying them over to LA. Seriously. Debra Monk? Cheno? Victor Garber? Lea Michelle? Cheyenne (which I half kind of expected now that he seems to be guesting on every other series)? AWWWWWWWWWESOOOOOOOOOOME (and yes, I'm singing that, to keep with the theme)

Rinaldo said...

Well, Raul Esparza, of course.

Do they all have to be super-young? Because I certainly would love to see Rebecca Luker show up on a TV episode sometime. Maybe with her husband Danny Burstein. And on a different episode, her ex, Greg Jbara (taking a break from all those Olive Garden commercials).

And how about a little Paulo Szot?

Jenn said...

Since Jane Lynch is involved, I'd love to see her reunite with John Michael Higgins or Michael McKean.

Joe Reid said...

Esparza! Of course! Kerry Butler too, duh.

I actually think the Broadway guests should all be, if not super-young, then at least current (Debra Monk being a good example). There's a place for a good Carol Channing cameo, but I don't think it's this show. (Having seen 0.0 minutes of it.)

Rinaldo said...

Well, Luker and Burstein are as current as Debra Monk: she's in Mary Poppins as Mrs. Banks, and he's in South Pacific as Billis.

Which reminds me: Kelli O'Hara is bound to break through on TV sometime (she's cute and blonde and lively, in addition to the awesome talent); this could be the time. (Er, except for the currently-on-maternity-leave aspect.) At least her recent costar Matt Morrison is in the cast.

Sierra Boggess (the little mermaid). Laura Benanti.

Stephanie said...

Current Broadway star Ms. Lauren Graham, of course. I'm dying to have her back on my TV!

Cheyenne Jackson is the next best thing though (especially if he wears his "Xanadu" short-shorts).

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

Let's get some Patti LuPone in here!

par3182 said...

tony yazbeck
matt cavenaugh
michael berresse
john hill
john barrowman
christopher sieber
norm lewis
michael mcelroy
howie michael smith


angela lansbury

Jenn said...

Oh, and now that I've seen her in the preview for next week's "House," JUDY GREER!

DuchessKitty said...

Since you first posted about this show last week and I've heard all of this delicious additional news it's like a dream to me!
This show sounds WAY too good to be true, right? I keep pinching myself.

floretbroccoli said...

I've been wondering when we're going to get a musical episode of 30 Rock, what with the mothers of Jack, Frank, and Liz being played by Elaine Stritch, Patti Lupone, and Anita Gillette.

Rinaldo said...

What are Judy Greer's stage musical credits?

JennKD said...

New Glee Preview: