Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday (Part 3): Wolverine

Okay, fine: X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2: Cruise Control -- Claw Harder. Shit's called Wolverine, folks. Anyway, this is my other Big Dumb Summer Movie I Am Drooling Over.

Truthfully, I hope there's not as much "Logan rides a motorcycle and mopes over his dead lady friend" than this clip suggests, but if they can keep that crap down to a shout, I will be all set. Two things, neither of which are about Ryan Reynolds or his arms (I know, right?):

1) Cyclops as a teenager looks like it's the area where this movie most clearly establishes itself as outside the original X-Men movies (I mean, this is a prequel, but Scott would have remembered Wolverine when they met as adults). And honestly, who cares? More importantly: isn't a teen Cyclops perfect? Isn't that the only way Cyclops should ever be presented? These mutants are metaphors, after all. And what does Cyclops do whenever he's unrestrained by his repressive goggles? He shoots uncontrollable laser beams in every direction. Without any control or stamina.

2) Taylor Kitsch as Gambit gives me a lady-boner. I realize that I am not a lady and I can get a normal man-boner just like all the other boys in school. But there's something about Taylor that seems pointed directly at all the ladies in the room. And I want in on that action.

I'm saying.


Dan Mac said...

Have you heard the chatter about Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Kitch only getting around 10 minutes of screen time each? Pretty lousy, if true, and seriously dents my enthusiasm for this film. Here's the source; fair warning, it's spoilertastic.

Joe Reid said...

I hadn't heard that specifically, but I saw an ad on TV last night that ran down all the characters and totally omitted Deadpool, so it doesn't surprise me that Reynolds isn't in it much. I have to think he was promised more do do in subsequent movies or else this would be a total waste of his time. (Whereas it's a good career move for Kitsch regardless.)

Melissa said...

You are correct. I have a lady-boner. Gambit is my favorite of the X-Men, has been since I watched the cartoon in the 90s. I don't care (I do - I don't even like Wolverine) if he is only in it for 10 minutes. I'm still going to see it. I might have cheered/sat up straight when I saw that commercial last night.

Maria said...

Everything Melissa said. Gambit = '90s X-Men cartoon fun times.

That last shot of Taylor Kitsch needs to be the wallpaper of, like, my life. [bites knuckle]

Jon said...

Greasy hair + facial hair + stupid hat + smirk = lady boner bait. And, frankly, gentleman boner repellent.

And Ryan Reynolds is a blight on cinema, so I'm pleased to hear his role is limited.

Julia said...

While it is fairly lame if there's only 10 minutes of Gambit, I will walk across hot coals to see those 10 minutes. And let me just say, it takes a lot to distract me from Hugh Jackman, but Taylor Kitsch just might have pulled it off.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching this for GAMBIT and GAMBIT ALONE... I don't care if he's there for 5...3...2... hell, even for one freaking minute, I just want to see his gorgeous ass on screen