Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Round Springfield XXVIII: Because It's Wednesday

Roommate Mark reminds you that there used to be a little network called VH1 that had content about music, and they let Melissa Etheridge duet with four proto-Lillith women and it was so much better than you're imagining right now.

Towleroad passes on this delightful story about reality trainwreck Eric Nies doing something nice (but weird) for a dog.

Jezebel passes on this delightful story about reality trainwreck Kenley Collins doing something awful (and weird) with a cat.

Finally, worlds collide as Friend of Low Res Jason blogs at Friend of Low Res's blog The Film Experience, paying homage to the various hotties of Battlestar Galactica. I'm pouring one out for dear, departed Crashdown, but that's just me. (Remember, Crash tried to kill Cally before killing Cally was cool. We should remember him that way.)


JA said...

I think there was an extra in the fifth episode of season three that seemed to have a nice ass too. ARGH!

Although yes, Sam Witwer is a hot piece, and yes, he had more of a role than I give him credit for with my smart-ass comment there. BUT STILL.

Joe Reid said...

Listen, Captain Defensive, I'm not saying your list was deficient. Just adding to it.