Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Round Springfield XXIX

Links from everything you missed on the blogs yesterday:

Towleroad posts Jay Brannan's music video for "Can't Have It All," one of my go-to "in a funk, so listen to someone being clever about being in a funk" songs.

/Film passes on word of a stage adaptation of my beloved neo-noir movie Brick. If I was ever in a high school cool enough to put on this play, I would never stop being smug about it.

For a trip to bizarro world, check out My New Plaid Pants urging you not to miss Heroes. Oh, the things we do for our Bryan Fuller crushes.

The Film Experience continues to review episodes of Dollhouse; the episodes he's reviewing are sitting unwatched on my DVR, so I haven't read the post yet, but I'm nonetheless confident of its quality. And, yes, I realize this is the stretch where the show is supposed to get good, and I intend to watch, but every time I see them on my list of recorded programs, I can't seem to work up a desire to hit the play button. That's right, Dollhouse has sapped my will to watch TV.


Dan Mac said...

Is that you moonlighting over at Monkey See? This going to be a semi-regular thing?

Joe Reid said...

It'll depend on availability, timing, et cetera, but it was great to share web space with Linda again, that's for sure.

Linda said...

With you too, bub.

Tom said...

Just skip all Dollhouses until the 3/23 one. Everything before that can be pretty much ignored with no loss of storyline.