Sunday, March 29, 2009

Programming Note

I should have mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but American Idol Rewind is covering Season 4 currently, and they've actually managed to find a good balance between covering one week at a time (and dragging on) and speeding through seasons at a blur (like they did with Season 3). So now one hour covers two weeks.

Anyway, Season 4 was when I started following the show for real, so this Rewind is reminding me of some things. Four most prominently: 1) Carrie Underwood was totally awesome, even in the days before she figured out how to move onstage; 2) Constantine still makes me want to shower, barf, and chug some penicillin; 3) I still go "Aw!" whenever I see Anthony Fedorov; and 4) Nadia Turner was the greatest thing on this whole season and she got totally and continually dicked over and nobody talks about it anymore.

Where was Nadia's name when Ryan Seacrest, in introducing this season's Judges' Save, listed all the former Idols who were eliminated before their time? Not that Ryan's whole spiel that night wasn't 90% lies anyway (the Judges' Save wouldn't have kept Daughtry or Tamyra around, and Michael Johns's exit was actually a few weeks too LATE). But nobody talks about how she went up every week, blew the competition away, and then got yelled at by the judges for picking obscure songs. I wonder how Nadia's weirdo interpretation of "Time After Time" would have fared in the post-Blake, post-David Cook, Adam Lambert era where fucking with songs for sport is considered a good thing. There's an interesting conversation to be had there, only no one will have it, because no one remembers her.

Well, I do. And Idol Rewind is bringing her back ... or they were. This week's episode covered her ouster. Damn it, Nadia! Even your Crystal Gayle waterloo was awesome!


Grace said...

Nadia is still my favorite contestant ever. Gorgeous, creative, picked songs I'd never heard before, and, of course, talented. I would love to see her be successful.

Anonymous said...

I only started watching AI at the very end of S4, so I had never really seen Nadia before I started watching Rewind (so glad I'm not the only one!). I was genuinely surprised by the judges reactions when I watched this earlier today. I was expecting something more along the lines of maybe a "bad song choice, but great delivery!" theme to the judgery because she legitimately rocked, but they just savaged her.

Tom said...

I think her terrifyingly creepy smile scared everyone away and erased her from their memory.

Anonymous said...

WOw--I thought for sure I was the only one watching AI Recap too. Don't you think the singers from S4 are waaay better than any of the current crop?

jessica said...

Dude! SSHHHH! Don't you know the current propaganda machine is all about pimping each successive season as heads & shoulders above the last?? There are serious black ops kidnappings and water-boardings in your future if you question the company line.

Must be why you posted anonymously.

Judi said...

I don't know if you'll see this comment but I had to say that I LOVE NADIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talk about her a lot. So take some comfort, in a "Somewhere Out There" sense. I still see her star :'(