Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday (Well, Monday)

Please forgive the extremely lazy nature of this post, but there are a few things I'd like to talk about, and at this late hour, I really don't have the time to write up fully fleshed-out posts about them. So consider the following and please talk about them in the comments:

-- I didn't think it was possible, but Big Love has absolutely picked up the mantle that The Sopranos, Deadwood, and The Wire left behind as the best show on television.* Though, I guess part of the stature of The Sopranos was that everybody you knew watched it and had an opinion on it, so in that sense I guess it hasn't reached that kind of cultural permeation. But it has absolutely stepped up its game in its third season, and every Sunday I walk away absolutely knocked out. Who else has been watching?

*Know that when I say "the best show on television," I do it with a heavy heart and the assumption that Battlestar Galactica is vacating this slot as of Friday. You guys! The tears!

-- Is anybody else put off -- or at least puzzled -- by the sneering, gloating tone that has greeted the big Watchmen box-office drop-off? I understand that this movie rubbed a lot of people the wrong way -- lord knows I thought it had its problems -- but I really don't see how its box-office shortcomings are something to celebrate. This wasn't some cynically engineered piece of studio pap; like it or hate it, this was an ambitious work and an honest-to-God movie. Cheering while it crashes at the box-office seems strangely classless.

-- I've updated the sidebar (through last week at least), so please comment here.

-- Any NCAA basketball fans with visions of bracket pools dancing in their heads? I managed to peg this year's bubble teams exactly correct, and as always, I'm in the market for some upset picks in the first round. More importantly: I'm looking for reasons not to pick all four #1 seeds to make the Final Four. I don't like to do that, but the 2 seeds all seem profoundly weak. Sell me on some sleeper picks, will you?


Vance said...

It's because it's directed by the 300 guy. I think people would have taken the movie, and the studios saying they were taking the movie seriously, more seriously. Only Brett Ratner would have been worse.

Nicole Moore said...

I disagree about Memphis being weak. Memphis is a remarkably good team (either that, or my Zags are remarkably bad--although the smackdown they received from Memphis did seem to serve as a wake-up call). Anyway, the selection committee put them in the bracket with UConn so that the two of them could just fight it out with regards to who ought to have been the number one team. And, here's the deal with UConn (as I see it), they seem to always play at the exact level of the team they're playing against (assuming the team is semi-decent--they've played a lot of overtime games vs. teams that got 3 and 4 seeds, for example). So, I think UConn can probably hang with Memphis and has around a 50% chance of winning, they probably also have only a 50% chance of winning in the previous round (and possibly the one before that).

CT said...

Big Love is amazing this season. Every episode has a gut-check, finale-esque moment! It's crazy. I was just thinking the other day that I wouldn't mind waiting another year for another season as good as this one. Seriously.

JA said...

So many supposed film fans really are nothing of the sort. They're just a bunch of jackals that have no interest in the art itself but rather turning it into some sort of pissing contest that has nothing to do with what's on the screen. So much of supposed "fan-dom" I find so excruciatingly insipid and tiring.

And end rant!

Kelly said...

Big Love has been consistently amazing from week to week this year. It almost makes up for having to wait so long for it to air. Sidenote: The Paley Fest is doing Big Love in April and I am so excited to hear from the cast and crew about the show. Especially Mary Kay Place and Grace Zabriskie. Also, if Chloe Sevingy doesn't start getting recognized for some awards, there will be a reckoning.

I'm rooting for the "6 OT, Take that UConn" Syracuse Orangemen. Because I fell in love with them watching the Big East. Yep. I'm that easy.

jessica said...

Do what I do, Joe. Enter a bracket pool that requires zero basketball knowledge. You have 16 entrants pick numbers 1-16, then randomly assign 4 teams to each number. Those are your 4 teams, and when they win, you advance -- more or less. If they are favored and beat the spread, you advance. If they are not favored and win, you advance. If they are not favored and lose but the winning team does NOT beat the spread, you steal the winning team and advance. It's flipping awesome.

jessica said...

Okay, just read the sidebar and re: Survivor, I'm pretty on board with you. I thought it was pretty freaking pointless for Probst to retrieve the tooth if they weren't going to get the Survivor dental team in there. And there was no mention of it so ... here's a tooth chip to sell on eBay, I guess.

I also was pretty irritated with the whole Spencer thing mainly because -- Who? He hasn't even said two words before now and suddenly I'm supposed to care he's in the Survivor closet? On the other hand, I do suppose it was nice of them to throw in that little tidbit of information if only because the previous homosexuals on this show have been to a great extent very flamboyantly gay in a way that I just don't think reinforces a lot of positive imagery. Spencer -- once I learned his name and found out he existed -- just struck me as a run-of-the-mill guy being normal and not affecting all these "gay" personality tics that unfortunately are pretty pervasive in our society, as if in order to be out people feel they have to "act" out, whatever that means. It's sad, however, that he couldn't talk about his true self and true desires out there. Ultimately, even though he felt he was protecting himself, he probably hurt his game overall by having that wall up and not letting people get to know the real him and form strong bonds with him.

Also, "Coach" is a tool. I really find myself liking Erinn. And Sierra and Taj are my girls -- Go Secret Alliance!

Joe Reid said...

Kelly: I would totally root for Syracuse but for Devendorf, who is everything annoying about Gerry McNamara, plus that whole hitting-a-girl-on-campus thing.

Kelly said...

Joe: I hear you on Devendorf. He's a total d-bag. No question. But Jonny Flynn's smile could light the entire night sky. Hello, shallow.

And that UConn game was seriously amazing.