Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How Did This Slip By Me?

EW passed on word, today, about Victor Garber and Kristin Chenoweth ... and you know by then I was already hooked. Anyway, the news was that our friends Jack Bristow and Olive (or Glinda, I suppose) have been signed on to recurring roles on an upcoming FOX series called Glee. Get a load of this shit:

Ryan Murphy (Popular, Nip/Tuck) is doing this show about a high-school teacher trying to salvage the world's worst glee club at a once-prestigious high school that has since fallen to scandal. ...Okay? I'm already in, but it goes on: In addition to Matthew Morrison (Broadway star/hottie), Jayma Mays (poor man's Anna Faris), and Jessalyn Gilsig (whose best role was on Murphy's Nip/Tuck), the cast includes recurring turns by Garber, Chenoweth, Debra Monk, Jane Lynch, and Stephen Tobolowsky playing a character named "Sandy Ryerson." This show might be the greatest thing ever.

...Or it might last two episodes on FOX. But it's supposedly got great buzz, and Ryan Murphy does great TV (Nip/Tuck's best seasons were when Murphy was in full control), and it's gonna be all musical-theater-spazz crazy! Can't wait.

Have you all known about this show and not been telling me? Shame.


DuchessKitty said...

Oh sweet jeezus! I think I might have just died and gone to heaven.

Vance said...

Long time ago man. LONG time ago.

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

This is all kinds of yay. SpyDaddy and Chenoweth in a show together. Heart.

And speaking of Nip/Tuck, there's an extended cameo in the recent season that summons up the best of Mary Cherry, channeled through the unparalleled comic skills of Jennifer Coolidge:

Seriously. Wow.

floretbroccoli said...

Did you get to see the Chen at last month's Encores? She, Douglas Sirk, and the wonder that is Marnie Nixon were so fab!

On an unrelated TV topic -- Kathy Marquahr. Am I the only one who thinks Wanda was part of the setup to her abduction? I am wondering how they're going to user her twin sister going forward.

claire said...

If Mary Cherry does not show up, I will cry. And I don't even mean Leslie Grossman. I want Mary Cherry, the character.

Fraulein N said...

Ooh! Must see.

Anonymous said...

Also, Lea Michele (from Broadway's Spring Awakening) has a pretty major role from what I've seen.

Courtney said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the promo for it only, like, a week ago. how this slipped by me 'til now is scary, seeing as how I watch anything on network TV that has any remote resemblance to "musical theatre." ;)

I'm quite excited.